Sublime Sunday….. Very Busy

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Afternoon everyone….

Well it might be #sublimesunday, but I’m working like a dog today. In the shop full throttle.

So unfortunately this is gonna be a quick one today.

I finally received my ten ounce bar yesterday that I posted about. I didn’t open it until very late last night.

Here it is….





What do you think?


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Great movie

😁 awww.. Chunk. Awesome movie.

I'm not familiar with this brand of Silver bar so this is the first one I have seen. This only available in Europe? Definitely a different kind to what we are already used to in NA.
Nice unique add to the Stack @silverd510

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I got it from Bullion Exchange. They are in New York. I like the assay cards with bars.

That's pretty cool! You have the assay card to go with it too 😍. I didn't think I would like the brushed stainless sort of look as compared to the highly buffed style. That was until I held a vintage Engelhard pour in my bare hands. I was captivated at that point. I am working on 1 oz rounds and will eventually get into some of these larger bars later on. I have a few 10 oz buffalo bars, but nothing this fancy.. yet!

Whatever keeps you stacking is what matters. Ten ounce bars are the true stackers weight. Much easier to keep track of, the stack well and the premium is the best. This bar was only $.35 an ounce higher then generics bars.

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