Sublime Sunday….. Are you ready for some football

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Evening everyone….

While it may be cold and raining outside. I still had a job to complete today. I had to build a make shift tent to cut my molding under today.

It was very pleasant and was barely functional. The rain wasn’t supposed to start until around 4 pm. But it came down pretty early and fairly hard around 12:30.

I wasn’t prepared for the at all. Luckily I always have a tarp behind my seat in the truck.

I got the job done. Just stopped off for a quick bite to eat. I’m doing this post and listen to my Cowboy game on the radio.

They are currently winning 3-0, but it’s early in the first quarter still. I need to get home so that I can watch the second half.


Here’s a piece to brighten your day…




A beautiful coin, but not a good day for the Vergulde Draeck back in April 28, 1656 when she struck a reef en route to Batavia with 75 initial survivors of the original 193 crew and the loss of 86,000 Dutch Guilders.

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A triangular coin... they could have called it a bar and it would have sold!
Beautiful, bestie!

"Seems tae me mucker, 'att coin has bin clipped!" -Keptin

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