Mail Call….

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Afternoon everyone….

So I grabbed the mail just now, and low and behold there is a surprise package/letter/whatever you want to call it.

I was not expecting anything. But instantly once I saw the return address with “West Coast Best Coast” I knew who it was from. There are only two people that use that ridiculous line in our group. One is @dfinney and the other is @summertooth.

Well there was no way that this handwriting is from a female. So that eliminated @dfinney. So that means it’s from @summertooth……

This is what it looks like…..


It’s a fold out postcard thingy. But there’s more….



What’s in the bag??????



Low and behold there is a one ounce JM Bullion silver tenth anniversary round.

That’s what makes this community so dam fun. We just do the most random shit, just because…. Man I can’t wait for Vegas.

Thanks brother. And yes it will get melted🤣🤣🤣



Great looking round!
Vancouver BC! Hey, I think I know that little corner in the deep woods.

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I got a similar postcard, round situation from the same person.


Oh I also found a book I think you would like.



@summertooth is the man!!!

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North Coast, best coast!lol



Glad you got it man. I can't wait for Vegas either, gonna be a blast!

What an awesome surprise. Looks like you guys have cultured a lasting friendship 😊