Long day….

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Evening everyone….

I literally just got off a roof. Why? Because the job I was on the roofer walked off the job. Another why? Because he was trying to charge the home owner an additional $5,000 on top of the job contract to replace ten water damaged boards.

That’s robbery.

So I ran back to the shop, blew the dust off my roofing stuff, made two phone calls and did a roofing job.

The calls I made were to friends that have done roofing for years but don’t do it much currently.

All the materials were there, we just needed to do the work. We’ll just before it got dark, which was about 20 minutes ago. It’s done

Time to grab some food and a few beers.

Here’s some shiny for reading this post.




it's hard work, but good money.

$5000, that can buy a lot of ASEs.

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Yeah, but that’s not what I charged or split with two others.

Good stuff! There's a lot of bastards and users out there... this time they didn't get away with daylight robbery. Makes me smile. Thanks for sharing

I come across this stuff all the time. Not ever roofing before but in many other ways. I have a conscience and like to sleep at night. Screwing people over isn’t in my DNA.

Wow....just get it done. How I wish everyone has this awesome mindset. Get the job done. Most hospitals will not attend to a dieing patient until the initial deposit is paid.... Most times, these patients die not been attended to.
Thanks for this charge @silverd510 hope all readers go ahead to Get the Job Done.

I’ve been in business for over 30 years. I can’t stand people like that. Good thing it got done because we got blasted with rain this morning. Thanks for stopping by.

"Th' colonists ur gittin' lazy! Tay mony years o' easy bunsens." 🤨 -Keptin

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