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Letting my oldest one get his bearings today. Going to let him have the van so he can start working but - needs to get his license first! He doin ok. His mom made him get in a wreck when he was 17 and he hasn't driven since. Good to see him facing his fear. Have a good day my humans!


Exciting times!
Bro he looks so much like you 👀

Ha ha, ya couldn't deny him if I tried 😁

His going to do pretty good😎

Hoping so!

Oh, I thought it was you. LOl.

Ha! My minime.

Wow, tell him it gets WORSE!!
My mom practically makes me wreck every time I drive her somewhere SMH

My ma won't even drive anymore 😂


Good luck to him, from a 28 year old who still hasn't had his first driving lesson. Smh

This post just reminded me of something though;

As a kid I once almost crashed my dad's car, in a clinic's doorway. Good thing my cousin was there to hit the stop pedal right before impact.😌

I crashed my parents car the day I got my license 🤣


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Your twin hahahahah good luck

Thanks hun!