Will it close over $1,800????

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Afternoon everyone …..

It’s been a really strong week for both crypto and metals. While metals have all been rising nice and steady. In crypto Bitcoin did most of the moving. It seems like there’s a little bit of a sell off on Bitcoin happening.

Money is moving into some of the alt coins now. Solana and Luna are seeing very nice gains in the charts.

But my question today is will gold close over the $1,800 barrier number? It has already peaked at $1,808 today but will it close over. This is a fairly important number for gold.

There is still three hours left of trading. Let’s see where it closes.



Wow, just a few dollars more!
Let's see how it goes... weekend and all.

I'm keeping an eye (Unpatched one) on a 1oz. Gold Buffalo at SGB at $1996 USD, waiting for my LTC to make a price jump.

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