Go Green….

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Afternoon everyone….

So today is a round up materials from several different supply houses to have enough materials to complete the job.

While several of my supply house carry many of the same items. Which is both good and bad. Moldings is a whole different can of worms for them.

Meaning that buying the same identical molding from two different supply houses could lead to disastrous results if you don’t inspect and ensure that they match up exactly. While the molding name and profile is the same, the exact depth of the radius and profile could be completely different.

Which on two different moldings they were. So what you have to do then is figure out how much molding you need by room.

This way all of the profiles match at the motets perfectly.

On a different note there’s tons of green on the board today for precious metals.

Check out this Kitco snapshot….



I’m liking the green in the metals market today. It was a nice little surprise this morning. As far as other futures go I see that wood is also going up in price again. I’m sure you will feel that as you hit the cash registers, On your way to paying for your molding. Have fun on those jobs! Earn that Fiat!

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