Am I The Only One That’s Noticed This????

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Afternoon everyone…..

As you are obviously aware of you follow my posts. I am very interested in tracking both metals and cryptos on a daily basis. I have alerts and notifications set up on my phone when they hit a certain increase or spike. Whether that is up or down.

Well one metal that I do not have alerts set up on is Palladium. Why? Because I don’t own any in pure form. But I am watching it very closely.

See in the last 60 days Palladium has dropped quite a bit from the $2800 mark it has hit and surpassed numerous times this year.


Now back to what I meant when i said I don’t have any in pure form. I have been scrapping electronics for years now. I’m sitting on a nice stack of MLCC’s. MLCC’s are ceramic capacitors that have many layers inside them. Those layers contain both silver and palladium.

The typical recovery math on them is 10% silver and 3% palladium. They are very small, but most boards have many of them. At some point I will either try and recover these metals myself, or give them to a refiner for processing.

Here is what an MLCC looks like.


In the last few weeks palladium has dropped $800. Why? Lack of vehicle sales maybe. Russia is the primary miner of this metal, but it can also be found in the US (primarily Montana), Canada, Australia, Zimbabwae and Finland.

This might be something to watch, I know I am……



oh shit dude, what has caused that?

So MLCC stands for Many Layered Ceramic capacitor?

Close Multi Layered Ceramic Capacitor

Crazy drop…

No doubt over 20%. It’s gotta be a good buy.

It’s been screaming for the past couple years, I say it’s overdue for a correction.

Don’t over think it brother. It’s gonna fly right back up over $2400.

I think the correction will be short lived. Damn near the price of gold. Hmmmm... I wonder if the premiums on an ounce have dropped much? Your definitely the go to guy for market info. Thanks for the heads up on this one!

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