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RE: Happy Thanksgiving..

in WeedCash Network2 months ago (edited)

My bad I didn’t get bet in on time. If ur around before night game let me know if u want action brother 👍. Otherwise I’ll double up next week👍


Who u want

Fuck I took a nap. I was gonna take Green Bay
Oh well. I’ll be up a while now
Let me know if u want Monday night action. My bad I passed out a few hours.

I knew you wanted Green Bay.. I booked you for 7 HIVE.

You lost btw 😆

I’ll take the Colts!
Just 7 Hive for 💩&😂’s If u wanna take bet. Just let me know ur spread ur seeing but lock it in👍

I’ll be in for real action next week 🏈

Hey u know what’s up with Hive.Blog?




Hive.Blog working again. *

I use PeakD