Day 3

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show where I'm still in ICU but I'm feeling a lot better. No incidents yesterday so that's a plus.. it's also the longest period that I haven't had any weed in a couple decades. I might ask about gummies today.. I'll have to see how big my balls are feeling when the Dr gets here..


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are you getting sponge baths from the nurses?

You look a Lot better today in the video. Hopefully you will be out of there soon.👍

Friend, today I see you much better and I am so pleased! From your eyes it can be seen that you are better, they have a beautiful light, I wish you to recover from everything as soon as possible, my best wishes. !WEED

Hopefully not a gummy suppository... :OD

You actually look quite bright and good today mate!

The camera crew did my makeup before hand today 😆

Hahaha! :O)

Well you sound a lot more chipper. That's good. It's Colorado so I figured they would have THC nebulizers in the hospital or some shit.

Hospitals are Federal. They don't recognize states rights

Not at VA, feds.

It’s a sick sad world where they push toxic pills on us all day but some natural medicine hell no! That’s Illegal! shut up slave!

Yeah, it's pretty fucked up. Probably don't want us rubbing aloe vera on our skin either.

Or taking vitamins. Literally!

Get out of there asap. That's not you...

I'm working on it..

Oh man I wasn’t thinking about that. The Lack of THC! mainstream medical would rather pump is full of pills 💊. It’s a shame!

Glad ur feeling a lot better today!

at least ur tolerance will be down. 100 MG after a break will feel like this 😂
Here’s some uncle Joey for ya!

Lol. I gotta say I like Uncle Joey

Are you on any opiates, or benzos?

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No. I don't do drugs. I've turned down every narcotic offered for Tylenol

Right on dude!

wonderful room view for sure :) like in the matrix :D
i am happy that you recovered so fast!

Damn man, just getting caught up. Glad to see you still with us and posting!

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Glad the docs were able to treat your clots. My husband, his dad and his siblings all have this genetic thing that makes them susceptible to clots. All 4 have had DVT, and surgeries to remove them. Eventually each was prescribed blood thinners (to be taken long term), and that has ended the clots. But then of course you have to watch for others stuff since the thinners make little cuts bleed a lot more and serious injury even more threatening.

Glad you are on the mend. 💚


@trayan passed you the virtual joint!
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