Medical update

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show. different day, different hospital.. I had to be moved yesterday for emergency surgery to have a blood clot removed... the good news is it's a much better hospital.. that's it for today y'all..


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High spirits, high life man. Stay positive while you're in there, best of luck!

keep the spirits HIGH as always! ;)

Fucking hell mate. Terrible stuff. You are a lucky man it was your arm. Still sucks though. Hope you make a speedy one and get back in the game

Good wishes with you brother.

get well my friend here is a virtual joint !WEED

Thats a trip about that window for the nurse to watch you. But at least she wont be catching you jerk off with the way your arm is anytime soon, ;).

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I'm good at not getting caught

Well at least you can still get some exercise in

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Hoping for a quick recovery!

Fuck man, can't you get some edibles smuggled in there? I'm glad you can keep your streak going I am attempting a boost so if it works, you can send Beth on a mystery shop for a gummy. Feel better, !PIMP

I have no idea if I can even do that but we will see. Take care, brother.

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Well, that answers that. Only 910 more to stake.

Stay strong and get well soon partner

I hope you didn't take the damn vaccine... Wish you a fast recovery and see you again tomorrow ;)

I'm extremely adamant there will be no vaccines



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Rough stuff having to be moved to another location. Hopefully you are on the path to recovery.

dang heal up soon feel better


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