Happy Thanksgiving..

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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show.. it Thanksgiving and of course in spreading that holiday cheer.. okay maybe not.. but I am smoking weed.. and it's the last of the strain I bought.. I will say this weed was fire..

In other news NFL betting for today'sgames are closed. I'm only putting up a couple games for this weekend..




I can't do anything but smile and hang on if I smoke. I remember when I was learning to run a dozer, my foreman was like "If you're going to work with me, you're going to smoke with me."

Motherfucker only said that once. Worst dozer operator in the world. Running around with the blade off the ground half the time.

I'd have been bulldozing the cars in the parking lot..


Morning brother. Happy Thanksgiving. Here’s the pie that I drove 2 hours for.

It’s made from freshly picked Honeycrisp apples from their orchard.

Fucking Honeycrisp apples are the shit. I might consider that drive my own damn self

They are. The place is Ort Farms in Long Valley, NJ. Enjoy the ride.

Google says it's more than 2 hours..

Just a little over…..🤣🤣🤣

Only apples we eat! Truth!

I like Granny Smith apples too

Where’s Jimbo 😂

Good morning.
Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanks. !BEER

Thanks for giving happy thoughts, have a good one ✌️

I’ll take the Seahawks -3 1/2 for 50 Hive


Happy Thanksgiving and bowl'ing!! :0)

Lol. A good idea to put the year in! Has the missus not got glasses?

Not yet.. I keep telling her to go buy them.. but apparently it's a adventure and she needs help

I can see the adventure now. high seas and wild winds and PIRATES!

Grateful for weed, heh?

I don't celebrate Thanksgiving

My bad I didn’t get bet in on time. If ur around before night game let me know if u want action brother 👍. Otherwise I’ll double up next week👍

Who u want

Fuck I took a nap. I was gonna take Green Bay
Oh well. I’ll be up a while now
Let me know if u want Monday night action. My bad I passed out a few hours.

I knew you wanted Green Bay.. I booked you for 7 HIVE.

You lost btw 😆

I’ll take the Colts!
Just 7 Hive for 💩&😂’s If u wanna take bet. Just let me know ur spread ur seeing but lock it in👍

I’ll be in for real action next week 🏈

Hey u know what’s up with Hive.Blog?




Hive.Blog working again. *

I use PeakD


Smoke as much as you can, and eat as much as you can! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! Stay blessed!

It truly is the lettuce of the angels.

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