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Good morning y'all and welcome to today's show which has taken a different twist.. I can't say I approve but sometimes shit just has to be a certain way. This is one of those times. Currently enjoying a all expense paid vaca via the US Govt. Thanks Uncle Sam.


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Dam brother sorry to hear that. Get yourself better and kickin again quickly.✌🏻

Damn man... I hope you get feeling better soon and don't have any major issues going on with your heart. Keep us posted!

Hey man, I'm sorry to see you from that bed, hope you get better soon ;). I wish you to return as soon as possible to happy 420.

Just seeing this now my brother. Fuck man I was wondering why I didn’t get a comment busting my balls on some of these bets.

Rest up and get all the rest u can. Might as well. Most of my fam has A Fibrillation or whatever it’s called. I prolly got that to look forward. My sister got ya beat at over 185 resting pulse her last ER stay. You should be good 👍 but do all the tests u can and take a minute to rest up. If u need anything that can be done from from let me know👍 sending good vibes ur way brother! Let’s go find ya a daily jam!


Cheers 2 Dave 🤘


You missed Bad Medicine by Bon Jovi..

Gotta save something for tomorrow!

shit man! Hang in there, I hope you get better soon :) Atrial fibrillation is not the worst thing ever, so if nothing else is going south you should be out and about soon-ish :) All the best and take care.

Well, fuck. I really hope you get that shit figured out and get feeling better. I have to say I'm glad you didn't take my KC bet because I'd feel pretty bad trying to strongarm a guy in the ICU for $4 worth of Hive.

Nevermind, I thought the - meant they were the underdog. I'll figure all that shit out someday.

Dam Brother! I hope everything turns out good and you get well soon bro.

Well, at least it's paid for. Good luck and heal fast!

Sorry to hear that you're in the hospital. Hopefully you won't be there long, stay focused on getting well.

Get well Dave!

Hope you're doing alright man, you'll be up and about soon enough. Cheers mate!

Sending postive vibes your way bro. I guess good thing you where at the VA when shit elevated.

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Yup. For once they were there for me

Feel better Dave

Get well.

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