Fun with collisions : πŸ˜€ Geek art High speed photography of colliding water drops

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Creative projection through my photos of importance of saving water - 'A drop of water can mean the world to someone thirsty!'

Colorful and artsy images to catch attention and focus on the importance of water drops was my objective for this continued exercise. I was amazed with the kind of shapes I could create - just take a look!

Wild Spirit (20).png
Water drop collision sculptures!

I had talked in one of my earlier posts about the rig I built for water drop collision photography. Here it is again just to show how simplistic the actual rig is.

My setup - just for reference again

I captured some great photos with it earlier but what I had not realized was that the adrduino Uno based control of the solenoid valve and flash trigger timing allowed me to go even further, allowing me to create some interesting shapes.

Here is a screen capture of the arduino program I wrote. As the geeks among us can realize, it allows me to plug in different values on the timing of drops and size of drops etc. so that I can try to create interesting shapes.

Arduino program I wrote to control timing of drops to create different shapes

Another interesting thing I found that I could vary the viscosity of water drops by adding some thickening agents and get interesting shapes.

Added to this - I started using colorful backgrounds, food dye colors for drops of water (both in bottom tray and solenoid controlled drops) and the results are for us to see and judge below:

The mushroom -


I had red food color in the tray of water below and yellow drops dropping in it to create this image. The stark white background enhances the effect of two colors colliding...
This shape is obtained when a second drop collides with the tall column of water caused by first drop falling in a pool of water. The collision is caught in early stages by triggering the flash early..

The Umbrella -


The umbrella is captured with the same process as the Mushroom above but by triggering the flash a bit later to capture the collision of the second drop as it cascades down to form the umbrella

The Beach umbrella πŸ˜€


It took many many attempts to get this perfect umbrella. I used just one color on the water drop but used some fancy bokeh background to get a colorful effect...

The Sunflower


I was actually trying to get an umbrella but had not gotten the timing and size of drops perfect. As a result, after the first drop causing the water column to shoot up, I got a small drop splashing on it and then a big drop splashed on it, resulting in this shape with a core and petals like look that looks like a beautiful flower.

The symmetry and reflection experiment


It is not always necessary to use colors in the drops themselves. Interesting backgrounds with symmetry and reflections of the drops and background form stunning images as well. This image uses just a simple 2 colored rectangles an background to produce this effect. Of course, it takes a bit of patience to align the background perfectly with the splash and also to wait till ripples die down to get the reflection properly.

The vocano!


I was playing around with color gels on my flash and at the same time experimenting with viscosity of the water (using some additives). I got this amazing image that looks like lava erupting and flowing down. What do you think?

Child on a man's shoulder - holding a ball!


There is always an aspect of randomness in falling drops. Some nozzle friction, a slight movement of air while drops are falling etc. always produce some effects that are totally unforeseen. This great water sculpture got created for a split second when a yellow drop misfired and interacted with the red rebound jet in a weird manner to create this image that looks like a child holding a ball and sitting on his father's shoulder!

This image convinces me that through technology of high speed photography, we can create art!! I rest my case.πŸ˜€

Spreading the message about saving water
I hope these beautiful images can be used by everyone to emphasize the importance of even a drop of water and spread the message to save water!

Do you think geeky things like high speed photography and arduino based water drop control can produce art? I think so and spent some time on it - Was all the effort worth it? Have you tried something like this? I look forward to suggestions and shared experiences from our expert community members.

Do comment freely and let me know.

Please comment freely and let me know your opinion. I will try to bring many different types of wildlife photos/macro/Astro posts to the community. Feedback and comments are welcome,. I am still learning many techniques and always value feedback from experts in this community.

Have a nice day everyone. Cheers!

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Super awesome! I absolutely love these shots. I could see so many different kinds of variations and combinations happening in the future. Great job!

Thank you so much. Yes. I am going to try many configurations. I do not know if I will post them though. Do not want to bore the community with water drop collision shots. πŸ˜€. You always appreciate my efforts. That is a great boost of morale for me. Thanks.
By the way - not sure if I should do a DIY type post about this technique if someone wants to try this art. What do you think ?

I think you should take as many photos and collect your content as you want. Then you can selectively post them as you like. You can also create the post and schedule it for a later date on PeakD which has that schedule a post option.

I think a DIY / How-To would be very cool for those of us less advanced than you in the photographic arts! hahaha

@castleberry Thanks. I will retain my set up. It is quite easy to set up and take down so I am sure I will continue to experiment and take more interesting photos. I just was not sure if community will find it interesting to keep seeing water drop collision art. I guess once in a while is ok πŸ˜€

My set up is assembled condition now but when I take it down, I will take some pics so that I can explain it better. Then I will definitely write a DIY post for someone who wants to try this type of photography.
All you guys in the community are FAR MORE advanced than me in photography. It is just that everyone has their own niche of photography like, for example, I do wildlife, astro and macro (including water drop collision art) but you all do much more than that - landscapes, buildings, portraits .... Wow - it is so amazing to see all the lovely clicks in the community. Lots of things for me to learn yet!😊

everything looked so good! its my first time of seeing that kind of set up is how one make those lovely pictures

Thank you so much. I am glad that you enjoyed the images and technique.

But you had an amazing gear. its lovely !

@tonmarinduque Thanks - it is a little messy and made from whatever I could grab to use in the build. Not exactly meticulously planned etc. to look neat and clean. However, it does the job and helps me produce images. πŸ˜€

Fantastic! Those are some really great methods for making such a creative set of images. Great work!

Thank you so much. Encouragement like this from members of community makes me try even more creative things.

This is a techy art. I saw your earlier post and I didn't think you can create more variation of your first output.

Great job.


@thecuriousfool I agree. It is a bit nerdy. LOL πŸ˜‚ However, it is not all that difficult to create the set up and adds a lot of fun to the photography experience. The possibilities of variations are endless. I am continuing to experiment...
Thanks for your kind words of encouragement and support.

I've seen a lot of different automated projects with Arduino, but you're the first one I've encountered to use it like this. 😊

Yes I think that with this setup, and with your high speed camera, art can be produced, and I'm totally sure because of your amazing and beautiful photos. Great job.

@piyamito Thank you so much. I am glad you enjoyed the art. I am continuing to experiment. I will definitely try to evolve my setup further and try new variations.

As any good investigator should do, until he achieves his goal. I will be happy to follow your progress and share my point of view even though I am not an expert in photography.


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Very interesting and original post πŸ‘