Sustainable Sails! Allow me to introduce Beach, with this review :)

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I woke up to something truly remarkable today- @merit.ahama reviewed one of my posts for Hive's NaNoWriMo #hivenano2022! You can find her post here. Her review is so incredibly shining, that I have been smiling all day because of it!

I was floating on the high of that, when she tagged me in a post by @khaleesii a bit later on.

She also reviewed my work, although it was in a less flattering light. She gave me some wonderful constructive criticism, and honest feedback. I didn't leave her post feeling hurt or sad by any means, because she made sure to say positive things as well! You can find her post here.

You know what? I appreciate BOTH of those reviews. What a milestone for someone who wants to be a published author- TWO reviews in ONE day! That is a victory in itself 😁!

So once again, thank you ladies for your reviews! Now, I think I ought to contribute, and do a review of my own! Meet @beachbot who submitted this storyfor Hivenano, which is also their introduction!

Photo by Darkmoon_Art

Chaper 1

Okay, so we're going to be SUPER cool here, alright folks? Yes, most of us expect a photo or a story title, but @beachbot is new here, and what is lacking in standard aspects is MORE than made up for in the story! They brought the HEAT in this first post, which I LOVED!

If you set aside bloggy stuff and look at only the story itself, gosh does it soar! The title indicates that there will be more to this tale, and I am eagerly following along to read it!

Right off the bat we are hit with a heck of a hook!

Two men stood in a small, dark room in the depths of a remote citadel, high in boundary mountains. Only one of them would be leaving this room, and only one of them knew it.
As I dove into the first paragraphs of this tale, I greatly enjoyed our author's way of pulling us in. I love a story that fills my mind with questions from the get-go!

Something sinister is brewing, and you can tell it will be important later.

As we move past the prologue, a vibrant world opens up in front of us. War, rumors, the comradery of seafaring folk- all told from the perspective of "Weeks" who is an interesting sort of mail carrier.

Although we don't get too far into any meat of this story, an intriguing conflict is solidly established in the first 1,275 words, setting the groundwork for a heck of a #hivenano2022 for @beachbot!

Photo by dolvita108
Without giving away too much of the plot, because I truly hope you will hop over and read this glorious story when you leave here, these are a few things that made me say "Wow!":

1. Beach states that this is a free write, and that no serious editing has been done. This is visible a bit in some of the phrasing used, a rough edge here and there... but truly, this is a HECK of a free write! SO much creativity and vibrant plot points just begging to be yanked into existance!

I think free writing is an extremely important practice if you wish to develop your skills, and sometimes it just blooms! This is an example of the magic that can happen when you let the words just flow out the way they naturally want to. 😍

2. The main character has a unique perspective. For some reason, the mailman in the Zelda series came to mind for me 😂! He has his own world, that others aren't privy to. You have to love a narrator who points out scenery and details that wouldn't stand out to you if you were there.

He has some exceptional skills, which add to the value of his perspective. It also seems he has some interesting connections, highlighted by this wonderous bit:

While most sails were dirty, pale, and worn, his were vibrant and green. A tapestry of vines and algae had grown along a carefully proportioned mesh of silks. It was truly a spectacle that only the people who lived among the mangroves could have accomplished.
It can't be just me, you need to know more about this like right now too, right??

The creativity of this tale is top notch, I may actually cry if part two doesn't come out- no pressure or anything @beachbot 🤣!

Photo by kmarius

In summary, I greatly enjoyed @beachbot's debut post in Scholar and Scribe community. From this first taste, it seems they are an exceptional writer with a vibrant story brewing in their head. The characters feel real, the descriptions are solid, the plot makes me crave just a few more paragraphs. A good story to me, is one you don't want to stop reading, this one had me hostage!

We are so lucky here to have creators joining us every day to see what Hive is all about. I hope you will take a moment to pop over and welcome our new friend to Hive!


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Your review felt like a beautiful trailer for a movie 😂 I actually ran off to his post before coming back to tell you how awesome your review is.

You have to love a narrator who points out scenery and details that wouldn't stand out to you if you were there

This is done by someone who is more than talented, it isn't ordinary at all haha
He's a good one, I'll say it again

Nice story pick for your review and all the best with your entry 😊

I was so happy to see you spreading some sunshine over there 🤩 !LUV

I'm glad you liked the story as much as I did, what a wonderful thing to find these gems here! I feel like I got a peak into something special just because I logged into Hive yesterday- that's what it's all about 😍 NaNoWriMo has been filling me with joy!

Thank you for your wonderful comment, and in general just being awesome 🤗

Haha I could feel your joy just from reading your comment, you're amazing and you're welcome 😊

Ahhhhhh....what? Wait a momenet...(yes. I said momenet). There is something like this happening? And yes. This is captivating. Those paragraphs are just...Christ! I have so much on my plate or I would have hopped on this one. I loved your review.

What an mononomonment? me mo mah. NaNo Wh-Wh-Wriiiiiiii

Okay, I'm warmed up now! NaNoWriMo- National Novel Writing Month, is something you 100% gotta jump in on if you have time! Use the hivenano2022 tag in Scholar and Scribe for fiction (currently I don't think word count totals in other groups qualify) or in Hive Book Club for a review, and you'll be eligible for Hive prizes!

The structure of the prize pool hasn't been elaborated on as far as I know, but there is 30 Hive in prizes from each of the mentioned groups in prizes at the end of November! S&S is just encouraging people to increase their word count, no expectation to hit the 40k goal (which is an average novel length I guess, and the original concept of the project, which used to have publisher support elsewhere)

Lovely to see you here, you've been missed 🤗😁 !PIZZA

congratulations!!@grindan.WYes, we are very thankful to someone who will guide and review our work because we want to learn. We may not successful in our undertaking if we did it in our own.Sometimes need someone to motivate and inspires us.

I totally agree! That's what Hive is all about 😁

Thank you for stopping by to leave this lovely comment 🤗


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I wrote my first book during NanoWriMo. I wrote a 30 000 word book in 30 days. It was unyieldingly harsh, with a very unhappy ending, about a girl who could “see” future ghosts ( people who were about to die) . I received a lot of hate-mail (and more than a few death threats) as a result. Unfortunately, for us, we’ve just got to write, no matter what. The second and third novels fared better. My short stories (I lie, short story) did well. You have an unrelenting, remarkable talent and don’t let anyone tell you any different.

The reviews you received are an experience that, I suppose, good writers must go through. I'm glad you took it positively and I hope it makes you grow as a writer.

I really liked the way you review this author, you highlight everything from the title to his way of stating things, such as the word count in the introduction. You did a good job here. Thanks for sharing.


Thank you so much 😁🤗!LUV