When is a quarter not worth 25 cents? When it's worth $6 πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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The Facts

The above info is from https://www.usacoinbook.com/item/1951-d-silver-quarter-493870/ and as you can see this 1951 US quarter minded in Denver (D) is made of 90% silver and has a melt value (that's just the value of the silver alone, if melted down) of $4.25.

But let's take a look at one that is in good (G-4) condition.



In the 1970s numismatists got together and agreed on a 70-point coin grading scale called the Sheldon Scale

Here are some of the grades the above coin could fit into, which do you think describes this coin best?

  • (FR-2) Fair - Worn almost smooth but lacking the damage a coin graded Poor usually has. Enough detail must remain to identify the coin.
  • (G-4) Good - Heavily worn such that inscriptions merge into the rims in places; major features are mostly obliterated.
  • (VG-8) Very Good- Very worn, but all major design elements are evident, albeit faint. Little if any central detail remains.
  • (F-12) Fine - Very worn, but wear is even, and overall design elements stand out boldly. Almost fully-separated rims from the field.

I figure good or very good but either way this coin is worth about $6.

The Story

Why am I even talking about this coin today? Well, I got it as change the other day!!!

Yep, I stopped at the local squatch market for a six pack of libations image.png

My total was $10.48, I had a 20 dollar bill and gave it to the clerk. When he opened his till, he said under his breath, "bah, no quarters", so I figure 5 dimes and a couple pennies are headed my way, in addition to my $9.

Then I notice he is rummaging around in the drawer and as soon as he picks it up and tosses it into his hand with the other change I hear it!

It's hard to explain but as you could imagine a piece of metal that's 90% silver sounds different than a piece made from 91% copper (new quarters), and as someone who collects old coin I knew the sound immediately.

He hands me my change and I immediately drop it in my pocket and thank him ;)

Most silver coins have been taken out of circulation but there are obviously still some out there, so keep a keen ear friends.

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The tills are alive with the sounds of music real money...🎡🎢

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Well that was very attentive of you.


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There was no mistaking the sound.

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The sound of silver quarters is glorious! When I was around 18 I had a few jobs, saving up for furniture for my first apt and whatnot. One was as a cashier, and the best paycheck wasn't from my hours. I opened a roll of quarters, and immediately recognized the sound!

I think I bought around 2 rolls total? All I know was it was a HUGE financial help to me at the time, like life changing 🀣

That's awesome Grin! Cool that you knew what you had and that it came when you really needed something like that. Did you sell them to a shop?

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I did! In hindsight, I was probably ripped off a bit, but whatever. Can't really whine when you turn 20 bucks into a few hundred 🀣 !LOLZ

My pops collects coins... he has some kind of civil war pennies? IDK, but part of his collection is silver half dollars and quarters. I liked to wash them and make them crazy shiny as a kiddo 😁! I keep seeing stackers posts, maybe it's a sign that I should start up too 😎 !PIZZA

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He drank his coffee before it was cool.

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@summertooth, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @grindan

Have you tried the !gif !lolz !meme combo? It is a wall of fun!

Maybe, but what a score!

I'm totally biased in this but I'd say you should stack some silver if you can. Even a little at a time. As toucan see it can be helpful at certain times. I've sold some in the past and not even for profit, I just needed some cash and the silver was like a savings account NOT controlled by a bank.

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That's wild , I only ever got 1 silver Canadian quarter in my change

It was crazy and fun! That is the first time since I've been stacking that I have gotten one.

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No doubt that’s awesome. It’s been quite a while since that happened to me. Nice score

That's a first for me since I've been stackin

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I love that sound too.. its hard to explain that specific "clink" of silver. Good score buddy, i expect to see it in next years Christmas card.


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What the actual fuck is wrong with you??

You !LUV it

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I love the sound of silver. ❀️

Unmistakable and awesome yes!!

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I know exactly how you feel! I was at work one day and was giving a patient change out of the clinic's till when I noticed the sound of a quarter that didn't sound like the others! I immediately left that quarter until I finished with my patient. Upon checking it out, it was a 1960 quarter! I went to my purse and pulled out a fiat quarter and made the switch! Score! It always is nice when you get things like this! Good for you! Take care my friend and keep checking that change!πŸ€— !LADY

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Yeah it was just unmistakable and I was so excited. Also felt a little bad for the kid because I am SURE whoever put that there knew it was something and probably meant to keep it πŸ˜†


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That or one of his/her naughty kids got into the collection and really needed that candy bar!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Score for you!

Awesome score @summertooth , silver is getting more and more difficult to find, probably some kid went through his dad's coin collection and popped out a quarter from one of the blue Whitman coin folders Lol!!
Don't drop that one on the trail anywhere my friend Lol!!πŸ˜€

Yeah, I wonder where it came from too and who got in trouble for using it πŸ˜…
I will not drop this one sir! ;)

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Lol unless you drop it somewhere in Bellingham!πŸ˜‡πŸ€£
Have a good week my friend!😊

at the setting sun take 20 paces from the old courthouse, at the pine turn 90 degrees and start digging


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I’m on my way, I just need a latte first Lol!πŸ˜‡πŸ˜Š

The quarters are still about. Sometimes you can get lucky and receive silver in the coins !

No doubt bro!!

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This is one of the coin that will be worth adding to collection


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What a lucky score! Congratulations, I haven't found any silver in my change for well over 20 years. I think the local Banks and coin handlers filtered them out a long time ago here in Canada.

Every now and then you get lucky, there isn't much silver coins out there in circulation but I agree with you there is no mistaking the sound of silver.

Some where along the line a crack head probably cashed in someones coin collection for a fix. lol

Damn, it's like good fishing. You go to the store and pick up the catch with change!

For real tho!!!

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