The Holy Grail of stackers…

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Afternoon everyone ….

The box of tricks just keeps on coming…

Today I’m showing off what is considered by most stackers as the Holy Grail or silver rounds.


One because it is from the most well known, recognized, collected and valuable company in the silver industry.

Two the design is iconic and also a trademark symbol of their name.

Three you cannot call yourself a true stacker without owning at least one of these.

What am I talking about ???


This round was produced from 1982-1988. All the rounds have the iconic Prospector on the obverse. There are two different design reverses. In 1984-1985 there was an Eagle on the reverse. All other years have the globe E reverse.

These rounds became the target of counterfeiters in 2011 because of their popularity. While some counterfeits are probably still around most have probably been discovered and destroyed. But if you are planning on buying please verify them.

Here is the round.


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And I still have only one 1984 Engelhard prospector round.
I'm hoping to bag one at the next Coin Show should they come back to the Nikkei Center.

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But you have one.

I could use another.

That is an amazing coin that you have there. That especially love painting for gold and that's what really built this country the side of the 1862 Gold Rush at Grimes Creek just North Boise Idaho was responsible for completely covering the union side of the civil war for equipment and debts. That would be the real reason why the civil war was won!

I’ve read a lot about the gold rush. It was a very interesting time to learn about.

Pretty amazing that the Spanish made it all the way to Eastern Oregon in the 1500s and had a really awesome gold mine before they pissed off my family and ended up having this huge war. A couple of individuals were allowed to escape to spread the story. The entire rest of the Spanish fort and gold mine were destroyed completely. However it actually still remains and you can go check it out in eastern Oregon as it is a national park monument.

Beautiful, just a lovely specimen of a favorite among stackers!
Yes, if you are an American stacker, you've got to try to get hold of at least one of these rounds.

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It's one of the best silver rounds you can get. Like the eagles so magnificent !

Great looking round!
Thanks for sharing the info.

Very good coin collection, really good staker

I did not get a chance to get my hands on one yet but I'm hoping that chances soon

If you are a stacker it’s a MUST HAVE