Secret Santa wish list day five…

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Afternoon everyone….

Well I successfully completed my task of making mom happy yesterday. I was able to get two pies. I’ll share the pictures of them tomorrow. They are hand made from their farm grown apple orchards.

So day five is upon us now for my twelve days of Christmas.


I guess there’s a pattern to my list….. because today is another vintage piece of silver. But today’s is a bar not a round.

It’s an A-Mark vintage one ounce loaf bar. I do not own one of these, and don’t think I’ve ever seen one in person either. But I really like the style of the bar.


Ho Ho Ho 32 more days to go…

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Very nice bar and thanks for sharing and we'll await for tomorrow

That's a nice vintage coin. All for stacking !

Really it is a beautiful bar, share more

5his really looks amazing, I love it

Yo ho ho!

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Why you m*$#@~fu#&^r, that was the one I was going to do today 🤣😅
Those are one of my favorite bars, wish I had a hundred of them to stack up.

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You snooze you lose

Never seen one before either.

That looks like a pretty interesting looking bar

This is an adorable gold bar