Many of you may not know this….

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Afternoon everyone ….

Let’s dive into a little history as well as another beautiful specimen from my box of tricks.

I’m sure most if not all of you are familiar with the Mexican Libertad. But did you know that it was it was superseded by the Mexican Onza.

Some of you may have or have seen a Mexican Onza with the Winged Liberty Statue on it.

But in 1979 & 1980 the Mexican Onza had a much different design. The obverse has a north south scale on it. It was struck in .925 Sterling Silver. It does contain one troy ounce of silver. The round weighs 33.5 grams.

Here is the very first Mexican Libertad.

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A part of Mexican economic history so I managed to bag one of these from a favorite and reliable Ebay retailer.
Thanks for sharing @silverd510

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I love the look of these onza. Too bad they were short lived... what, 3 years only? It weighs slightly more than a troy ounce because it is 92.5% purity.
image.png image.png

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I didn’t even realize it.

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It's a nice silver coin with history. Excellent for collecting !

The Mexican coin looks so lovely and nice.

This is really shining bright

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That is soo cool really wish I could get one but I bet it got hefty premium

Not really to bad. I’m sure you could grab one