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It's Three Tune Tuesday Ya'll!

So, strap up, sit down, or saunter along- I'm not here to tell you what to do when the music h i t s

Tuesday also means giveaways! The tune crew headed up by the creator of this FANtastic weekly engagement @ablaze helps share some love each week, by selecting a three tuner of the week (someone make a badge already! Include a possum, or not- as it isn't related at all. Just a personal preference.) Along with the SICK honor, they dish out 5 HBI shares weekly!

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The spirit of Hive is helping each other along, what better numerical representation of that than HBI also known as SBI, HSBI... (It's important we use as many words as possible for one thing here).

Ok Grindan, what's a HBI?

PSH only one of the coolest concepts EVER. So, you send some Hive to @steembasicincome and they send out 2 shares of HBI- one to the person you are sponsoring, and one to you. You could also sponsor two people for one Hive if you wanted to, instead of receiving the 2nd share.

Okay, okay... and this is cool, because?

Right. So you can go click on SBI blog and read about this in depth, but essentially, it's exactly what it says: basic income. You will receive upvotes for having it, the size and frequency of which are determined by how many shares you have. I currently get .02-.03 on each post personally.

If crypto teaches us anything, it's strength in longevity!

It's not about the 2 cents I'll get today, it's about the growing number of cents I'll get FOREVER.

1.What is your price prediction for Hive a year from now? What information lead you to settle on this number?

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I participate in contests and giveaways that award HBI, about half of my HBI comes from that. Twenty-eight shares were gifted to me from a friend, who I'd like to thank LOUDLY @diziette YOU ARE AMAZING! 💕 Your support of my work means the world to me 😁🤗

AND if you aren't hip yet, I've jumped onto the tune train to give out some Tuesday love too! Today I will award an HBI each to the winners of last week's giveaway! (also @whywhy does a tune giveaway as well!) So let's dive in:

Last week @killerwot, @coquicoin, @tengolotodo, @diziette, @kenny-crane, and @ablaze answered one or more of the questions I sprinkle throughout my tune post each Tuesday.

Thank you so much for your participation! It was really tough to pick just three comments- which makes me feel that last week was a true success 🤗

@ablaze always makes me smile, he's a kindred spirit and all around Classamaniac! I really enjoyed the answers he gave me, and that he knows "Hurt" isn't a Johnny Cash song, but a (great) cover!

@tengolotodo is a rad Hiver! He always takes time to share info and offer help to new people. I thanked him for that once, and his answer was basically "That's what you do!" what a gem 💚 his answers were no different- tons of awesome info that leads me to study 😂😁

@kenny-crane shared a great song, and some sage (not financial 😉) advice that I found really thought provoking. I've been considering wrapping some hive on Leo, and the info he gave me really helped shape some ideas I've been struggling to put together- crypto study sure isn't linear lol!


Okay, let's check some tunes out!

This song features a voice that you may recognize if you participate in PYPT, hosted by the fabulous @shadowspub of Dreemport (Speaking of HBI giveaways, she generously runs THREE each week, totaling 9 shares 💕).

This dreemer and PYPT regular ALSO has a dreamy voice 😍

"I made a holiday in my head, far away on a beach...

I honestly don't know if I could love @snook more than I already do. She is an EXPERIENCE to know, a creator of magnificent and awe-inspiring proportions.

This song has an amazing message, and is a VIBE. I feel like I was wandering across the fields of Cyrodil, jumping a lot to level up my acrobatics... when a wanderer catches my eye. She crouches in the tall grass, gently harvesting mushrooms. She pauses to offer some wisdom to me...

2. How do you generate your own peace? Stop yourself from being taken over by what you feel?

Snook is a warrior woman who isn't shy about sharing her difficulties with friends, yet prefers to make people smile. This song is a beautiful glimpse into what makes her such a ray of light.

I listened to it, then I listened to it again. Wow 😍

You know who else makes awesome music?

@killerwot does! His band has been building up some steam, and he shared with me last week that he decided to take the plunge and buy some merch to sell at their upcoming shows!

As Joe Talbot would say, WELL DONE 😂! I'm proud of our film making, rift shredding, sci fi guy here on Hive. He's doing the damn things! Although, he should probably upload some new stuff on 3speak or youtube when he has a break in BEING COOL as heck! 😝

Here's an old but gold song from Killerwot's band Dangerous Dave & the Side Effects

As the title might indicate to you, there's cursing in this song.

I'm so excited to see where this next year takes the band, they are honestly talented. Consider checking out the youtube page, which features a lot of great jams. I'm also pretty sure (correct me if I'm wrong) Killerwot filmed all of the videos too! Class 😎

3. What talent of yours makes you the happiest? No need to be modest, you do cool stuff. Tell me what you are proud of!

As we get closer to the 15th, I've had Leo on the mind! As I mentioned earlier, I've been considering wrapping some Leo tokens as an investment. Full transparency- I have a lot to learn about what that even means. So, please don't take anything you read in this blog as financial advice.

From my understanding, there are bridges created by tokens. An obvious example of this is Leo Finance front end- which is part of Hive yet also its own world. Another prime example of these bridges, is that many shareholders have NO IDEA they even have a holding here. They've never logged on to any front end, they just play blockchain connected games.

Photo by nattanan23

In wrapped hive/leo we have an opportunity to amplify our earnings. If you look on the upper right hand corner of Leo front end, you will see a link to the Leopedia. I study in there weekly, but it is a lot to take in for a crypto noob. Please correct me if I have this wrong, but it seems you can TRI token earn through some of these projects, which are connected to Ethereum.

I'm way too inexperienced to talk about how I think this will help spike the price of Hive over time. So, excuse my baby way of explaining this, but perhaps that is most helpful to those who are also learning. Essentially, it seems there are good opportunities to 1. Diversify while strengthening the value of Hive 2. Earn a nice APR through farms, which still confuse the heck out of me tbh.

4. Do you have a Leo Power goal? What things about Leo make you enthusiastic about it if you are currently staking tokens?

The excitement as I go into this week after crossing the 500HP threshold brings to mind my next band. In the comming days I should become a MINNOW a "reel big fish" so to speak 🤣

Sometimes a girl just needs a ska day- yes, you read that right SKA not spa (although that's always nice too hehe). I like how this song gets new life in its ska rendition!

Happy music for a happy lady, my Hive journey has been such a blast already in these few short months! Trumpets are appropriate for the way Hive makes me feel 💕

What do you think? I personally prefer it to the original 😁

As always, it is a pleasure to share tunes with the community! I hope this post has made people think about how diverse what we are doing here is, how many new opportunities open up every day, and how they help support great hivers of all varieties, as we grow together!

If you are newer to the blockchain like me, this question is for you.

5. What is your favorite thing about Hive? Have you been encouraged since you joined, if so tell us about it!

Thanks for listening to my newBee ramble, and thoughts on the value of HBI.

If you would like to participate in my HBI giveaway this week, the rules are simple! In the comments, answer one (or more!) of the five questions spread throughout this post. Next Tuesday, I will send out three shares of HBI to commenters that stood out to me 😁


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I was really beat last night, sorry for the late prize! @tengolotodo @kenny-crane @diziette here is your HBI for your beautiful answers last week! I am very grateful to the three of you for your participation 😁🤗


Thank you @grindan

Much thanks! 🙂

You are one sneaky young lady!!!!

Love YOU!!

Great choices for your songs :D

To your second question, whenever I find myself emotionally disrupted I choose to change. I ask myself how can I deal with this with love, hope faith and forgiveness. It's a choice that brings peace and growth but it's a narrow path to walk.

This is an amazing answer 🤩 perspective is a superpower! Have you ever checked out the thoughtful daily post community? That's the exact kind of idea that the group loves- to recenter on the pillars that make life worth living! If you felt like expanding that into a post I bet it would be well received there 😁 !LUV !PIZZA

Thank you for your guidance. I think the thoughtful daily post group is a group I would fit into nicely. I am going to expand on that post.

Thanks for the mention and the HBI - really appreciate it! 😃👍

I'll be back asap to check the songs (looks like a nice variety of styles) and the prompts too. Laterz!

It was well deserved! I am grateful for your participation last week!

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Thank you for the HSBI, that was weird as it is normally me giving it out😆
1.What is your price prediction for Hive a year from now? What information lead you to settle on this number?
$0.42 The world is in a mess and I see it getting worse before it may get better...
2. How do you generate your own peace? Stop yourself from being taken over by what you feel?
I like to be happy to feel happy, life can be shit sometimes, but then I remember the words of my mother. No matter how down you are, there is always someone somewhere who is worse off than you, so just be thankful you are alive!
3. What talent of yours makes you the happiest? No need to be modest, you do cool stuff. Tell me what you are proud of!
I am a listener, and total strangers feel confident to condife their woes and troubles in me. A park bench can sit beside me and tell me his life story!
4. Do you have a Leo Power goal? What things about Leo make you enthusiastic about it if you are currently staking tokens?
Yes it was 2500 I will hit that this month and now chasing 3000.
5. What is your favorite thing about Hive? Have you been encouraged since you joined, if so tell us about it!
Meeting some great people from all over the wee world of ours!

Now, back to ttt and these are great songs!

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Wowza! Incredible answers again this week, much appreciation to you 🤗!

Gratitude is definitely great medicine! It's hard to have inner turmoil or get taken away by our feelings when we remember just how much we have to be grateful for! We could be in someone else's shoes tomorrow, so today we should appreciate the life we have 🤩

I can totally see you being that park bench stranger who smiles when you sit down, and next thing you know you're chatting away- brilliant!

And woooooohoooooo! congrats on your Leo achievements- very awesome 😁 !LUV

I think your price prediction for hive is very reasonable, things are strange out there for sure! But that ties in perfectly with your last answer- at least our world is vibrant here on Hive 💕

We could be in someone else's shoes tomorrow, so today we should appreciate the life we have 🤩

That is so true,I went to work in Africa in my early 20s. It was heart breaking seeing real poverty, kids with an only job of finding food for the day, something which we in the west can not comprehend.

Leo is cool and yeah this lpud will be fun🦁

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Thanks for sharing the three tunes!

Snook did create a peaceful vibe, it relaxed me to hear it.

So I was ready to get unrelaxed and manic as soon as I heard that classic 4 chord progression over a punk drum pattern by Dangerous Dave & the Side Effects, definitely some chair dancing going on ova here!

The Take On Me cover was interesting. My peculiar taste in music would have liked it more if they made 2 separate covers - one with loud guitars and the other with the trumpets. But I appreciate their take on Take!

On the prompts, I'll just say something general. When it comes to the tokens, I would rather concentrate on Hive rather than Leo. Hive is risky enough, depending on the sentiment of richer people in regard to how they feel about tech and crypto. And most of the richer people are just okay with Bitcoin and Ethereum, calling the alts names like shipcoins (I don't curse on here😀). When the richer set get in, the volatility goes down. Look at the Hive chart vs BTC and ETH this past week. All the money that lowers the volatility also lowers the chances the coin will fail completely.

Leo is one further step removed from those 2 big coins, being a coin on Hive. I like Leo, I have some Leo, I stake almost all the Leo I get. But Hive seems like the better bet if I compare the two. I feel if things get really bad, Hive will survive. Probably Leo, but maybe not. I'm just not as warm and fuzzy on Leo as I am on Hive.

Have an awesome weekend! 😃

I'm so glad you liked my tunes 😁 It's so cool how many artists of all kinds we have here!

And reel big fish, well they aren't my favorite for the same reason. It felt like it fit though, since I was turning into a bigger fish (It happened today which made me so happy!) haha! They are one of the more well-known ska bands, which seems weird because they often aren't true to the genre. I have no idea why that bothers me, but it does !LOLZ

I always enjoy hearing your take on crypto because it doesn't feel emotional (outside of the obvious love you have for our home here) it's always a pleasure to hear someone's honest thoughts on something, and their motivations/ reasons behind their choices. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me 😁 !PIZZA

If at first you don't succeed...
... sky diving is not for you!

Credit: reddit
@kenny-crane, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @grindan

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Thanks a million for the prize, you are as good!! Well chuffed :)

I love that you included one from Dangerous Dave & the Side Effects - @killerwot is spot on and I'd recommend people to follow him and check out his post, always fun, honest and sincere.

Reel Big Fish absolutely nailing that cover!!! Quality stuff right here. Love the video and the energy, very infectious.

Thanks so much for that @ablaze really appreciate the kind words mate!

Also, thanks for @ -ing me, I missed this post, I'm going to give it a read and have a listen to the songs. Bar that DDSE one haha I don't think I could handle much more of them haha


Why doesn't Voldemort have glasses?
Nobody nose.

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@ablaze, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @killerwot

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