Dazzling Venetian Gem - Burano Islands

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Imagine if God spilled some colors from the rainbow on earth below - That is Burano for you. Colorful !!

I had been hearing about this explosion of color on an island near Venice for a long time. Finally, got a chance to go an feast my eyes on beauty of man made buildings... Here is an example and precursor!

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I am not a professional photographer and wildlife photography is my hobby. So - when someone said you must take your camera along and photograph the buildings in Burano islands, my initial reaction was 'Meh..🙄'

However, that lasted only till I set my eyes on the wonder that is Burano!

Let me start at the beginning.

Since we had a couple of days to spare in Venice, a tour of Murano-Burano islands was the natural thing to do. We can buy tickets online for such a tour through sites like Viator or can take a ferry ticket for a round trip and explore on our own.

As we approach Burano islands in the ferry, we are greeted by a quaint skyline with a mandatory tall bell tower reaching for the sky...


Emerald green waters and blue skies announce the pristine, pollution free freshness of the Burano islands.

Rows of colorful boats give a glimpse of the color fondness of the local population


With the photographers on board the ferry going "Ooooh" and "Aaah", their apatite whetted by the colorful vista, we get the first glimpse of the colorful buildings...


I know we get to see some colorful buildings in cities like Copenhagen or Amsterdam too but that is usually just some buildings by the waterfront. Here, it an island full of colorful buildings and waterways !!

But before we wander off to explore the island more, we get to see the other specialty of this creative place. Lace!

Yes. Burano lace is famous in the world from early 18th century. Though the business had died during 18th century, it was revived in 1872 and formed the mainstay of income for most families on the island as fishing income dwindled.

DSCN3290_1024x768 (FILEminimizer).jpg

The lace is expensive but seeing the intricacy of patterns and the man-hours that go into it, it is totally understandable.

Ladies of all ages are seen knitting. It is careful, tedious and very artistic work. These ladies have years of experience in lace work and it shows in their deft fingers as they fly around the thread and needles...

DSCN3291_1024x768 (FILEminimizer).jpg

While we get to see lace work art used for utilities like table cloths, place mats and such, there are also lace work art exhibits made purely as art. Here is an example of each type - utility and art...

DSCN3295_1024x768 (FILEminimizer).jpg
DSCN3294_1024x768 (FILEminimizer).jpg

After feasting our eyes on the art and learning a lot about lace work history, we come out to the beautiful buildings once again...

Just when we say what else is new in this place, our eyes are greeted by a beautiful wooden bridge that spans a water canal...

DSCN3309_1024x768 (FILEminimizer).jpg

The bridge is centuries old but well maintained. It is a magnet for couples to stand and feel the romance of the whole Burano magic...

As we stroll around the calm and quiet village, we can see many small arches, age old brick constructions hide beautifully decorated roads leading to private properties...

DSCN3315_576x768 (FILEminimizer).jpg

For some weird reason, this one is called 'Calle delle botte' which Google translated as "Street of getting beaten" 😲 I am sure there is history behind it but there was no one around to ask and I did not fancy getting beaten up in the process of finding out 😀 (Just kidding)

So - I only took a better picture of the beautiful street and buildings without stepping in the arch...

DSCN3314_576x768 (FILEminimizer).jpg

The ubiquitous water ways and color explosion continued along with us - to any corner of the island we moved...

DSCN3289_1024x768 (FILEminimizer).jpg

Whether it was the edge of the courtyard, near the shores, like above where buildings were on one side of water or the middle of the island, along the canals, with buildings on both sides of water, it seemed like a brilliant artists palette, with each building showing a different flamboyant color..

DSCN3317_1024x768 (FILEminimizer).jpg

Lost in the colorful surroundings, we lost all track of time and realized suddenly that it was time to head back to Venice.

A lone seagull sitting on an old metal globe, seemed to bid us a silent goodbye as we left Burano islands with memories that will last us a lifetime...


I never wanted to part with the old world charm and explosion of colors in Burano. The photographer in me screamed for more but alas, our scheduled time there was over... We all have to keep moving on, though our heart tells us not to, in trips like this and in life - don't you think?

I am not so great at travel blogs but I but will certainly share my experience of rest of Venice, another magical island (Murano) and many other destinations soon. Those places deserve a mention and a mark of respect from me.

Cheers. I hope you enjoyed the glimpses of Burano through my eyes. I am a newbie for travel blogs. I look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Have a nice day everyone. Cheers!

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The colors are popping. It's vibrant to the eyes. And I'm amazed by the century-old bridge. I'd love to have a picture on the bridge with the vibrant colors of the buildings.

This is so colorful! I think even if I would be alone, I would still go to that bridge. It's really attractive! Loves the vibes of this place~

Yes. The place certainly has vibe. You captured my sentiment exactly in words. Thanks 😊

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Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey through Venice! I think this place will always be unique in the world. I'm glad you didn't get hit on that street... it's better to be safe!

Greets, good night ❣️.

@lauramica Thank you so much. Glad you liked seeing Burano through my camera. Lol. Yes I was lucky not to get hit. I dont know if Google was correct in that translation but why take risk 😀

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Hello, @vm2904 nice day, Visiting this location would have been quite the adventure; the view of the city is amazing. I adore the vibrant photographs you took, which tempt you to go to that wonderful location. Thank you very much for the wonderful information and image collection. Enjoy your day.

This is indeed so colourful, I love the view of the building, beautiful picture you've got here.

amazing post and nice photos