Fitness is subjective. ZapFic & some musings!

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I wanted a stimulating little free write to post, to help me charge up, and finish the commissions I have on my plate. For some reason, I had thought that the Freewriters community had two Zap Fic's based on WORDS, and they do, kind of.

Zap Fic Monday (which is open till Thursday) technically doesn't have a word count. It's goal is much tricker- 240 CHARACTERS. That includes spaces there too cowboy! 🤠 Ye-Awwwh, that's a bit hard now, isn't it? What had the potential to be a quicker write, expanded as I mused over the prompt in depth: fitness

What kind of story do I want to tell in a few sentences? Can I make it inspirational I wondered, as I considered what fitness really is.

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I've taken to googling words I already know the definition of, the results often make me rethink my first impression of the word! Fitness sure did, providing me with a lovely bout of the giggles:

Fitness- The quality of being suitable to fulfill a particular role or task.

Don't know why I would find that funny? I'll elaborate a bit, because I see these challenges as a way to talk about the importance of free writing too. Altering our perspective on things allows us to channel fresh ideas. What is suitable?

It's an individualized perspective oftentimes, that is by no means interchangeable with someone else's notion of suitable. What I think is quite perfect in a situation might be someone else's worst fear- and given my squirrely nature, it's even likely.

To be suitably fit by your own standards

You'd think that would be better, right? Except, some of us never see a worthwhile person in the mirror. I almost wrote a story about bulimia, where the character gained weight to achieve "fitness"... it felt too raw for me. I have no experiences to draw from, and that makes it feel off limits.

So, here is what flowed out, that felt right to say with my small handful of 240 characters:

Months ago, ordinary tasks had felt arduous. Disgruntled by a reality unbefitting a man his age, Ken had undertaken a structured exercise regimen. What once winded him, now was wind in his sails! Victory looks very different for us all.

Here's my word counter photo:


I imagine Ken as a person not unlike myself. One day, I realized how worn out I was from doing my everyday tasks. Yes, I have two small kids, so that can be a lot of activity... but I'm only in my 30's- should I really be this tired?! I didn't think so.

Fitness for me isn't a pants size, or something to show off to others. Fitness is feeling healthy, enjoying my life. I imagined Ken taking it that way too, investing some free time into making his body feel good. If only that were a marketable notion...

Your fitness victory can be that you took the stairs this week. That you did 15 minutes of cardio 3x. That you chose to eat some leafy greens and vibrant veggies instead of a burger. It can be that you were the coolest "angry bucking bronco" for your four-year-old today, and it only kind of made you wheeze... 😅

Do I like fitness? YEAH, fitness self-love into my daily routine!

Be kind to yourself friends! And if you are a writer, never underestimate the importance of free writing 😎! Sometimes it's good to sit with the idea for a moment, and then just see what comes out! I find it to be one of the most valuable writing practices.💕

Just keep writing!😁


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I began to read Henry Miller on the weekend and haven't written a word since...

He's just too good and I've given up writing! 😁

Thanks for this. I think I'll do a free write to loosen up again.

Now I have to check out Henry Miller!! And go see if your inspiration came back hehe !LUV

Tropic of Cancer

I read three pages and put it down and thought

"Fuck that. I'll never write like that. Not many people can."


I'm now saving it for when I don't read every paragraph thinking that.

I bought a second hand Grisham for some fun and entertainment while I get over how good Miller is 👍

Comparison is the death of compassion (or something like that, idk where I heard it lol) No one is like you, and I am glad you are not like anyone else 💚 In all fairness, Miller can't write like you either 😜 !LUV

Haw... well. I did think don't do the comparison thing yesterday so thanks for reminding me again. I think if we do we'll more than likely not create much at all!

No-one is like you either and I'm so glad we met :)

Never heard "comparison is the death of compassion" - this is really good! It's gonna sit with me forever. Thanks for this.

Have a beautiful day 🌺

Fitness for me is something that one should enjoy. Where one does not pressure himself/herself to be able to achieve their dream body. When one realizes that being fit really takes time.

Well said! Thank you for commenting 😊