Pretty Flowers Everywhere

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These are some of the flowers I see all year round on my walks. They brighten up the place and lift up spirits on the walk.

They invite people like me to take a picture of them and showcase them to the world. Their beauty would be a waste if not more people appreciate them.



Ruellia Simplex

Yellow bells


![25 Cheilocostus speciosus, crepe ginger.jpg]

Duranta Eracta






I am afraid I don't know what this flower is.


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Nice photos!

Thank you.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!






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Vincent, I hate to hijack your beautiful post with an unrelated question, but can you tell me if there is any truth to reports we're hearing regarding Covid19 in Singapore ( The graph suggests a large spike in deaths due to vaccination, but Denmark shows much lower numbers despite being 80% vaccinated as well. If the numbers are correct, what do you think is going on? Stay safe, my friend.

Hi Jon,
First of all thank you for the Ecency upvote. Much appreciated. 😊

The graph suggests a large spike in deaths due to vaccination, but Denmark shows much lower numbers despite being 80% vaccinated as well.>

That goes to show it can't be the vaccination doesn't it? 😊

It is a bold move by our government to open up and embrace the Covid-19 situation. This is a new phase in our fight against the pandemic - the endemic "Living with Covid". There are still restrictions, especially gathering in numbers. Most activities are limited to two in a group. Otherwise, we are free to live life as normally as we can.

Basically, it is, protect yourself and your love ones. Go get vaccinated. Don't go out unnecessarily. If you have to go out wear a mask. Sanitize/wash your hands often.

The Delta variant is more easily spread, and more deadly. Vaccination protects you. Statistics has shown that those who are vaccinated have mild symptoms, or are asymptomatic. Only those who are not vaccinated, or have health problems suffered serious consequences, and death.

The spike in numbers are within expectations. They expected this wave of spike. The next two months is crucial to see if the fight is successful.

I am not a doctor nor expert in this field. I trust our government to do their jobs.

You can check out this site for more information.

Jon, I hope this answers your question/questions. Feel free to ask if there is anything else you wish to know. Thank you for your concern. You stay safe too.


Thanks for your "insider" perspective, Vincent. Take care and be well.

My pleasure, Jon. 👍😊

You too. Take care.

Yay! 🤗
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I missed the yellow bells a bit. There use to be some near the HDB Hub but I think they replaced it.

Yellow bells are lovely. 👍

Yes, they brighten the place.