Booster Shot

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I went for my booster shot today – six months and a week after my second shot. I decided to get it over with. The earlier the boost, the safer I am isn’t it? It should be. Anyway, it’s done.

There wasn’t as many people waiting to be vaccinated today as the last couple of times. So, I didn’t have too long to wait. A couple of minutes after registration, my number was called. There was the ‘interview’, and then straight to the injection booth. After the vaccination, there was the twenty minutes wait to make sure I didn’t suffer any immediate side effects, before they ‘discharged’ me. All in all, everything went smoothly today.

As of now, I still haven’t feel any side effects. We shall see what happens tomorrow.

The multi-purpose hall in the community center was converted to a vaccination center.

The vaccination booths at the end. It wasn't busy today, so there were many empty chairs.

People waiting for about 20 minutes before being 'discharged'.


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