It's Difficult to Grow when You're Busy Trying to Survive

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It's Difficult to Grow when You're Busy Trying to Survive

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This post is a half-rant, half-random-babbling about daily stuff, and probably won't have any actual useful conclusions.
You've been warned 😂.

It's Difficult to Grow when You're Busy Trying to Survive

For the last few weeks, I'm trying to find some hours to study for a test that could really improve my career; but I'm not being able to. Day after day, the urban life makes it almost impossible for me to have the willingness and the time to actually do something that can make myself grow: everyday, there are dozens of commitments that I have to do, from buying groceries to cleaning the house. It's just too hard to find the time to focus on my own improvement.

I've tried to make self-improvement a priority in my life. I've already planned out dozens of time how I would make a bit of time for myself. But I'm not being able to stick to the plan: there's always some emergency that I have to take care of. I can't sit down for five minutes in order to read the books or to watch the online classes that some chore pops into my mind: "you have to fix the bathroom", "you have to make dinner", "you have to vacuum the car".

What I'm being able to do is taking advantage of the time that I'm already wasting anyway (like when going to the gym, or while I'm sitting in traffic), and listening to the classes. It's not as good as actually watching them on Youtube, but it's better than nothing.

I know that I can give up on some activities that I do regularly (like exercising) in order to study; but if I stop taking care of my health, I also won't be able to study. I can't focus on a mental activity if I know that there's a physical activity that I should be doing and still haven't done.

Growth takes time and effort, and I know that I won't improve overnight. But I'm also not being able to put in the time and the effort to improve, and that's making me really discouraged and depressive.

Thanks for reading this post, and until next time!

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I know the feeling. The problem is it is now a gorilla hanging over your head instead of just a class. What I do in those situations is break it down even further. Like instead of finding an hour to do a whole chapter or class or whatever, I make one goal for the day and I make it really simple.

For example, make your goal tomorrow nothing more than opening the book (or the website or whatever). Literally. That's it. Your only goal is to simply look at the beginning of the material. That way, worst-case scenario, right before you go to bed, you find it, open it, and mission accomplished.

The next day, your goal is read the first paragraph or listen to the opening. Again, that's it. Again, that's something that worst-case scenario you can do right before bed. It takes no time but you've accomplished another goal and moved forward.

I've found that when I give myself these tiny goals then I can over achieve and feel good about it rather than adding another depressing day of failure to the list.

So, like I said, just give yourself a task you can absolutely 100% accomplish and then DO IT! In a few days you'll find yourself finishing that task and saying, "Well, I'm here, I might as well keep going".

It sucks and it's a pain in the ass to get started but if you keep breaking it down into smaller and smaller parts, eventually you'll find one easy enough to get you started.

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I don't know about the car or the bathroom, but instead of shopping and cooking every day, maybe you could cook a big batch every few days and keep in the fridge, then just heat some up when it's time to eat.

When I know we're going to be busy for a few days, I often cook a big pot of tomato sauce with ground beef, then we eat it with spaghetti or rice the first day, put it in tortillas and sprinkle cheese on top make enchiladas the next day, add a can of beans the third day and eat with potatoes, add a bottle of tomato juice the last day to make it into soup... Same food, but different enough so it doesn't get boring, and doesn't take much time each day either!

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