2022 Liberty United Crypto States 1 oz Proof Silver Coin

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Happy weekend my AMAZING HIVERS

Hope this weekend gives you
much smiles and blessings,
hugs and love ❤️

We all know christmas is over but apparantly I had a unexpected
christmas gift coming so
today I will share it with
you and I am all 😳😱
🙂😀😁 😂

I KNOW....
my amazing #silvergoldstackers
family will LOVE this one.

I had never seen this before but
some of you probably have,
I dunno 😜 lol


2022 Liberty United Crypto States 1 oz Proof Silver Coin

Year: 2022
Grade: Proof
Metal content: 1 troy oz
Purity: . 999
Coin weight: 31.1 g
Diameter: 40 mm
Face value: 1000 Satoshi
Minted: Only 3000 pcs



Isn't this just a FANTASTIC piece?





And first glimp of this amazing piece


Reverse: Depicts a woman
representing freedom.


Obverse: Features a coat of arms with a dragon and a unicorn on the side. In
the center is the value of the bitcoin attached to the coin by affixing a
sticker with the private keys
printed on it and protected
by a holographic image.


I love everything about this silver and
I am grateful for my silver guy who
never stop with his guidance, tips
and constant generousity.

This is from the one that I bought
my 1st silver from and who I think is responseble for pretty much ALL
my stack 😜 he has it all.

Coin wise anyway

That means I now known him 6
years this august 😱 OMG

We never met... But


In february I will meet him and we
will exchange experiences and I
can Thank him in person.
Can't wait 😁

He also know by now that I often buy
2 of each special coin that I know a certain person might like 😜 lol

I am his silver pimp so ya..
Need to be the best I can be
😁 right @enginewitty?

This coin However was a gift and
I looked it up on a few sites to
see if I could get another but
they all said out of stock.

Guess I'm not the only one impressed
by this beauty 😉 understandeble


Sometimes surprises can come on
the most needed days and turn it
around, you ever feel that to?


Some people cross our paths on our
lives journey and stays for a while
then are gone, but then others
stay and become RL friends
that you tressure forever ❤️

My BEST people I meet right HERE
and I never thought it was possible
to feel this connected and so
much love for people you
never met in RL.



You all know who you are and I am
SO grateful for each one of you 🥰

Well... This was gonna be a normal
silver post but got way out of
control 😜 lol

How it goes when you haven't posted in
a minute and you never really plan
your posts before writing it, so
you write what you think and
feel in that minute.

Guess my word for today is...






I'm a PROUD Member
of #silvergoldstackers

You are the reason I started with
stacking in the first place.



Proud Member of the best family ❤️

Peace - Unity - Family - #thealliance Amazing leader @enginewitty

Proud Member of #ladiesofhive


Beauty by @thekittygirl ❤️


🌸Just happy about life and Thankful for
all the blessings in it!


@saffisara :Passionate about reading YOUR posts and commenting. Loves to laugh and take pictures. AND I'm a Hug Lover! Remember Every day is a #haturday

🌼All pictures are my own and taken by me 🌻


Thank you @enginewitty 💖


Thank you @inthenow

2923mN3pnd7PfoCxi33KmQBGRMVc3LuPSdqaxkc4VTC4w3DcqvmA77rfi2Wa9pYVW7SY33cxFM7MmdUzJxusqGSizn1kwBFTWpCLGbHPbBDy2D (1).gif

Created by the Great @derangedvisions

Thank you @enginewitty for this badass banner❤️



It is a really beautiful coin. I would consider it a priceless gift, excellent for collection. I had one recently but it was chocolate 🍫 and I already ate it 😂.


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😂😂 Hahahaha... OMG
You cracked me up good with that chocolate joke... Good one.
I first thought you had one to then I saw chocolate 🍫 hope it was good 😋 me... Im not a chocolate person but a big LICORICE person... Lol

Glad you liked the coin tho, was a Great one and probably pricy.
Thank you for the curation 🙏 appriciate it.
Have a wonderful sunday.
Cheers 🌸


A dated a ghoul once but I had to break up with her.
She had a mean spirit

Credit: reddit
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🤣🤣🤣🤣 the best part is that it is real, I had it and I ate it. I must have a picture somewhere, if I find it I'll show it to you.

@saffisara! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @alberto0607. (2/10)

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Can't wait to see it 😁 lol
Next time Mabye when you eat it so we can see how delicious it is 😋🍫
me pretending it is licorice in it

The proof silver coin is so nice. Excellent for collecting !

It really is amazing 😉, glad you liked it to. It is crazy how much different shiny there are out there and we only seen a tiny bit so far.
Why I love to see other People share their coins so we might find new ones.
Happy sunday. Cheers 🌸

This is EPIC, @saffisara!!!
I L_O_V_E it!!!

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Glad you liked it ❤️ Thank you

That's really awesome! Congratulations and thanks for sharing such a beautiful sight. Silver is really important to stockpile!

I know right? 😉 Such a beautiful coin, and the back of it is different from any other I have.
Glad you liked it my friend.

Hope you are doing well and I wish you a wonderful weekend.
Much love 🤗❤️🤗

That is a gorgeous coin, how much Bitcoin is on it? So glad to see you back posting. I hope all is well. Tons of hugs and love.😘🥰🤗🌹❤️

I am glad you liked it to my friend 😉 it is a different one from all other coins I have for sure.
I looked it up and it is 0.0000001000 bitcoin 😜

Hope you are doing well and having a fantastic weekend. Missed you and I Will try post more often.
Much love 🤗❤️🥰💋😍😘

The coin looks so nice

I agree with you, it is a master one 😉 have a wonderful weekend. Cheers


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Thank you very much 🙏❤️

Have a wonderful weekend

OOOoooo, sweetness, that coin is worth quite a few pretty pennies, I was eyeing it just before my rental suite got flooded so I will be paying it off over two years..
Does the coin say how much BTC it has or is it a mystery?
Great Score Sis!

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Yes I know 😜 when I looked it up I saw that it was a unique one and low minted and on a site I checked today it says it is a piece in a new serie made in new Zeeland so if more is coming... I want them 😁 lol
( not greedy or anything)
It says 0.0000001000 btc and 1000 satoshi

Sorry to hear about rental suite and sucks to have to pay off things.
Wish I could use magic 💫 and make it gone sis ❤️ you deserve a break.

If I get my hands on another one of these I send it to you.

Have a wonderful weekend and hope you get a chance to enjoy and relax.
Much love 🤗🥰❤️🤗

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There is the buzz that always makes me smile 😁 Thank you for all you do and telling me when I done good and hit a milestone 🙏❤️
I appriciate You

You're welcome @saffisara, it's well deserved! Congrats on your constant involvement on Hive 😊👍🌹

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Thank you 🙏

These coins look amazing

I agree, this coin is special 😉

I'm not into bling but I'd totally grab that one!

Because freedom 💥 ❤️

Keep it forever.

You not into bling? I would totally bling you to like bling 😁 lol
But I was like you before to, wasn't really into silver and coins.
But I won a raffle back in 2017 and when I got my first ones I realized that it wasn't just about coins it was about history to.
But this piece is absolutly different from the others and it is like you say... Freedom 😀

I hope you are doing well and having a fantastic day beautiful.
Much love 🤗❤️💋🤗

Well a beautiful 6 foot Canadian blonde model once did my make up, styled me up and took me out on the town.

It remains once of my most memorable evenings ever. She was something! 👀

And she liked techno. I like girls who like techno 💓👍🏼

So you have full license to bling me up anytime.

But then you'll have to take me out dancing! 😉 :D

It's a beautiful piece.

And beautiful coins. Yeah. Worth keeping in a digital world for sure. Smart!

Hi @saffisara,

These coins looks amazing and they say a lot actually. Loved it!

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Idesi comment pic.jpg

Glad you liked the coin as much as I do 😁 and you are right, this gal is swedish.. Skåne tös 😜 lol
Nice to see a swedish community here on hive I missed that.
Thank you for finding me and have a wonderful week ahead ❤️

Yes, one must always be the best they can be because only you can be you and there is no other! That round is awesome with the UCS hologram stAMPED ON IT. Where did you come across that? Kinda makes my tongue hard, it's pretty damn sexy. 😁 Love you Sass, stay you!


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I would have got you one to but as it came as a late christmas gift I had to check it up and all was out of stock so Hard to get.
Apparently this coin is a first in a new collection from new Zeeland so if others come out... I want them 😁
So it made your tounge hard huh?
And there I thought it was me 😂 Hahahaha

So True about being the best we can be, only we can and the choice is ours 😊 I choose being me.

how else can people love me for me?

Hope you are having a fantastic day.
Love you Bunches 🤗❤️💋🥰😍

You make other things hard. 😁 Love you too sweets 🤗


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Oh my gosh, these coins are beauty

Wow! That is one awesome gift.
Truly a beautiful piece.

Is February when the Las Vegas Stackers thing is? How amazing that you two will finally meet after so long 😍! !LUV

This is gorgeous, it's always amazing to me how much detail you can fit on a coin! !PIMP !PIZZA

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