Christmas Toes πŸŽ„

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That's a song, ain't it? Head, shoulders, Christmas Toes, Christmas Toes! Or something. They are supposed to be trees and snowflakes and stars. Gotta let them do their thing. I saw there was a feet community too here in Hive on @wwwiebe's blog the other day! So for all the fetishes and just because feet are, ya know, feet, I am popping this in there.


Hope you enjoyed my Shrekness. Later, be posting something for the foodies! Be my #bestmealever post for @thealliance's Gobble Gobble Giggity Gump bit. Ok all you gnomes and ogres, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, just like me.

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was this done on your feet? lolz got me cracking up.
how is it Christmas toes chrismas toes? hahahahahaaha , funny you



I went to the doctor the other day and he said you’ve got hypochondria.
I said oh god not that as well!

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Oh my god, my sides…..🀣πŸ€ͺ



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What do you call a marine mammal that should do something?
An oughtter.

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Only if it's practical like this!

Very striking, indeed! Definitely Christmassy. Love it! Thank you for stopping by!



Why do bees have sticky hair?
Because they use Honeycombs.

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You look marvelous! 😁 What fun having little girls around!

Quality time with the girls can take any form.


Very Christmassy πŸ‘

They look edible. And no. I'm not a toe person. But I once had a date with one who wanted to suck my toes.


One date that is.

Not one toe.

Tried it once, I didn't get past one toe either. πŸ˜„


What did the doctor say about the tall person in a rush to see him?
I wish you were a little patient.

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Well they say you gotta try everything once twice.

Good for you. An adventurous spirit is fantastic in the bedroom. Sure you had a blast anyway

Nothing more disappointing than a squeamish lover!

And wven if it ain't for you... you got a good story outta it.

p.s. I have not tried this.

Yet 😈