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I was pretty pleased with all of princesses as they came home with honor roll certificates again. They've been consistent with that and it puts a smile on Daddy's face. Something else that does, is their creativity. In this instance, well, go ahead and read it.


What did ya think? @lunamoon has always been artistic in her love of painting and drawing, so to see this - even if it was an assignment - gives me a relative calm. Well done young Dragon, well done. Oh and before I forget, REMEMBER TO BE YOU! I always am, even while watching swords pulled from stones.

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Creatively intelligent young lady.

I will let her read these😌

That's her been creative, she did well👍👍

Aww, she says thank you!

😍😘😁 shes welcome

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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She's gonna be such a wicked good rapper someday 😍 !LUV

You think? I've tried freestyling with her and it's a challenge. Both younger ones can beatbox and the youngest likes to rap. This one tho, not sure. She kinda more country. But, we watched the Weird Al movie (not UHF - the new one on Roku) and it sparked something so we'll see!

She's got the flow, THAT'S for sure! Oh my gosh, now I wanna hear you rapping with your kids! Is there a video already? If not, get to it! 😁😂 !PIZZA

Yay! 🤗
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Honor students that’s great brother.👍

Ya man. Been all A's and still coming home with 120 questions like last night, it was all about things I had done to get in trouble at school and how I dealt with bullies. Was a long conversation 😁

Love this kind of content. She is very talented!

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Awesome, thank you! The poetry in general, or the proud parent 😊


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Awesome that the girls are doing well. They have gone through so much with the fire happening and it didn't put them off course. That speaks of a supportive family life so congratulate yourself too.