Funny birds - Antics captured on camera

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Seen a bird proctologist? Boldly going where no man has gone before (Like Star Ship Enterprise of Star-trek!) πŸ˜‚

When @nelinoeva challenged us to show some funny bird pics, I thought 'can birds be funny?'- but then I remembered this pair of yellow eyed babblers that were up to some antics and I said "Oh yes - birds can be funny!"

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My own click and collage

I remember my first sighting of the jungle owlet and I almost burst out laughing when I saw the expression on the bird's face. It was sticking it's tongue out at me!! πŸ˜‹ πŸ˜‚

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Sticking out it's tongue at us!
My own click

Doesn't it look clownish? πŸ˜€

Then there was this nice paradise flycatcher which was acting like a dog chasing it's tail! Holding it in it's beak!


Sometimes, birds create comedy through their actions. A pair of rose ringed parakeets seemed to be acting out the 'COVID 19' Drama with this scene depicting 'Keep social distance'!!πŸ˜€

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Keep social distance of 6 feet! Stay away from me!
My own click

Just look at the horrified expression at the Male Parakeet's face. Why do you think he is so scared of the female ? Perhaps he suspects she has COVID 19? LOL 🀣

I came across a rare pose of a ferocious raptor. I am talking about the Peregrine falcon. This serious predator is always grim and focused. All it's pictures just exude that raw sense of power and speed. However, I got a chance to click it in this rare dancing pose!

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Peregrine Falcon Rock n' roll - or is it doing the chicken?πŸ˜€
My own click

Ha ha - Peregrine doing the 'Chicken' dance move of the 60s! That is funny - isn't it?

However, for me, the one that takes the cake and funniest is this picture of the Yellow eyed babblers. These two were playing around and chasing each other across a meadow, They landed on a dry twig and gave this funny pose!

_DSC5646_DxO-SA-PSF FB 1080L.jpg
Dude - You are not going to find any worms up my a$$!! πŸ™ƒ
My own click and my entry for #SMAP 92 contest

One of the birds suddenly turned a proctologist and started staring at the posterior of the other bird. Notice the surprised expression of the bird on top, being subjected to the rectal examination. It almost seems to be saying "Dude! - what the hell!" and the bird at bottom, playing the proctologist, with eyes wide open, is staring right at the 'blackhole' - determined, like Captain Kirk or Captain Picard of Star-trek, to go where no man has gone before!! Ha ha ha ha.

The pic above is my favorite funny bird pic and is my entry for #SMAP 92 contest.

Hope you all enjoyed seeing these birds up to funny antics. If the pics made you smile, it has been a worthwhile effort taking these pics - chasing after the birds in all kinds of weather and terrain.

What do you think? Did you like the pics? Did they make you laugh? Please feel free to share your comments and opinions.

A big thank you for support

Thanks to c/hive-106444 (Feathered friends community) for providing this wonderful opportunity to present my experience and photographs. Thanks to @barbara-orenya and @melinda010100 for all the support and encouragement to this community. Special thanks to @nelinoeva also for starting the Species hunt initiative. My posts are not exactly in that format but have all the necessary info and Good original Photos. Further guidance will be very much welcome.

Thanks to HIVE for this wonderful platform. Thanks also to @adalger and for encouraging me by recognizing some of my posts as worthy of Densifying nature project.
Further, thanks to Amazing nature community for welcoming me and showing me their love on some of my posts.

Note: All images and collages in this blog are created by me, based on photos clicked by me personally and/or free vector images from Pixabay. Any other sources, if used, are indicated as image credits below the picture.
Quotes used, if not credited, are either from unknown authors or are proverbial old sayings.

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That really made me laugh :)
I take pictures of birds too, but I don't think I've ever taken a funny picture like that :))
Thanks for that.

@pavelsku Thank you so much for your comment. I am happy that the pics made you laugh. Usually I take serious pics of birds too but sometimes, comedy just happens πŸ˜€

singature small avatar.png

Great post Thanks for sharing ...

The bird is so beautiful, so cute, if it were near me, I would have taken pictures of it every day, I would love and admire it very much.

You know how to make us laugh with photos and text, this is hilarious. πŸ˜„
What an expression each one has and honestly all of them deserve a place in the hall of fame.
I can't stop laughing. Great start for the day!

Great job on this post and along with your description I had a few chuckles. The photo of the owl is quite a capture, the right place and right time is usually how many great photos are acquired.

good luck in the contest!

Yes, all the photos made my laugh.
Now sorry, but I have to stop writing to continue with my laugh.
JAJAJAJAJAJAJAAJAJAJAJA You have to be the only winnerrrr.

Β 3 months agoΒ (edited)

That peregrine is amazing, but that entry photo... I would deliver first place right away! 🀣🀣