The Sisters Three ~ Prelude | New Earth

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The Artwork above is used with permission from @NoNamesLeftToUse.

The full moon shone upon the tall fir trees surrounding the crystal clear sparkling spring-fed pond. On any other night, you could hear the frogs bellowing their country tunes while the fireflies danced along to the melody.

This night the brightness of the full moon was dimmed. The night sky was dripping and full of moisture. You found yourself blinking, trying to see clearly through the stink rising from the pond.

The animals backed away from their waterhole. Watching from the edge of the dripping forest for what they did not know. The sound was eaten up by the waxing dripping air the second it was heard.

Fear could be felt slinking through the trees as the animals tried to find a place to hide from the mystery before them.

From the West, three figures holding hands slowly moved toward the pond. The chanting was swallowed in the air to be buried underground. One figure sang the high notes to the sky up above. The second figure sounded like the forest itself. The last figure's voice came out as rough as the sea. Together they blended in perfect harmony.

The Sisters Three raised their voices to be heard through the dripping world surrounding them. The air they breathed in was filled with water, yet they carried on. Hours went by with the Sisters Three singing without fail. A tiny sliver of natural air soon surrounded them.

Slowly, to avoid breaking the bubble, they moved closer and closer to the pond. The closer they were to the spring-fed pond, the larger the bubble surrounding them became.

The inky moon was overhead when the Sisters Three stepped into the water's edge. Sparks could be seen rising from the water where they had entered.

With clean air finally filtering out all the dead air from their lungs, the Sisters Three's voices raised higher than before. What was said no one understood. Yet every creature of the forest knew what the Sisters did was for good.

The bubble of clean, fresh air grew before them. Soon the whole pond was covered with breathable air. The water started to clear itself with a few pumps from the spring below. The animals began to switch.

Deeper into the pond, the Witches Three walked. Their song took on a subtle change. While still keeping the inky air at bay, their music became a call too. Who or what they were calling the forest never knew.

The bubble surrounding the spring-fed pond became darker than night.

Inside the bubble, the Sisters Three's call was answered. From the depths of the water rose the most magnificent Stallion to ever live. He was the epitome of honor and strength as he bowed his head to the Sisters Three.

The Stallion's job was to protect the world from evil. If the Sisters Three called him, the world was in the greatest peril it had ever seen. He knew what would be asked of him would change his life forever.

While maintaining the chant to keep the evil at bay, the witches explained to the Stallion evil had a deep and everlasting stronghold over this part of the world. It was time to start over in another place and time.

They explained how he would be charged with carrying all that is good in the world on his shoulders to a new land. He would be given spells to help him blend in with the evil while he travels the land.

He must be diligent not to let the spells overtake his mind, or all would be lost; with their help, he would get farther than the line of trees and live. This would test his love of the land and his will to fight against all evil.

He was born for this purpose. The Stallion's last assignment he would ever perform. He was asked by the Witches Three if he was willing to take on such a task this night.

The Stallion, whose name only he knew, so no one had any hold over him, looked at the Sisters Three with steely eyes and nodded that he was ready. He would fulfill his destiny as was his right by all that was holy.

The night was coming to a close as the Sisters Three weaved spell after spell upon the Stallion. Each spell changed his look until he became a mist of what he once was.

The last spell took all of the Sisters' Threes might and concentration. The clean air bubble still turned black, crept closer and closer to them as they sang their final song.

The song was everything. Every joy in the world was felt while the sisters sang. The more they sang, the more light attached itself to the Stallion. Soon there was a ball of sunshine wrapped in swaddles upon the back of the whispy Stallion. His tendrils soon wrapped themselves around all that was good and right about the world and secured it to his back.

With one last nod, the Stallion rose up into the darkened sky. Turning West, he flew through the air, following the moon as it set.

The Sisters Three had just enough of an air bubble left to each reach down to drink the last cold, clear water they would taste for a very long time. Looking around at the barren land, they smiled when each sister realized they had taken the animals and trees into their spell of all things good in the world.

nonameslefttouse header.png

I want to thank @NoNamesLeftToUse for his kindness to me the other night. I promised him I would only use his artwork with an important enough story to honor his work.

The story above is part of my heart and soul. It is a part of a larger story I did not know was missing and would not have been found if not for him.

HUGE HUGS! my friend, and THANK YOU once again!

Part One: In The Beginning...
Part Two: In the Beginning Part 2 - New Earth
Part Two and a Half: In the Beginning Part 2 and a Half~ New Earth
Part Three: In the Beginning Part 3~ New Earth

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


Thumbnail: Used with permission by @Nonameslefttouse

All photos are mine unless otherwise stated.

Gif made by @Snook


Nicely done.. took you long enough! HAAAAAAAAAAAA 😂

It did, didn't it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You are so subtle, brother dear.

giggling out loud and shaking my head at you

I need to know, Were the sisters a red blond and brunette?
Damn you for leaving out crucial details.


I will never tell :D

Killer! Sad about the land and evils abound, but necessary apparently. Curious to see how it intertwines with the rest of the story!

Thank YOU!! I am happy where everything is going :D

someday I will have to put it all in the correct timeline LOLL

Part of the fun. Like one of those cool movies where there is the main line, then when the character remembers something, it does like a flashback type bit, and the timeline is never sequential😁


Wow. There's more happening in that picture than I thought.

Thanks for doing this. I needed that right now.

Now you know why I fell in love with it!! SO much more in there!!


You were right though. I don't know why, but it was hard to let it go into the wild like that. Thanks again.

If you see another one, of the several hundred I produced over the years, and would like to play around again, just leave a comment under the post where you found it, and I'll think about it, if I'm around, which I might not be, but I'll see how things go.

Because everything we make becomes a part of us. To let it go, you need a good reason and trust. OR a lot of alcohol... I like to think the first two reasons were why. :D

And you are so welcome.

You helped me too, you know. I have a story half written on this blockchain, and for the life of me, the words would not leave my head and make it to paper. Hence the 4 parts above linked...

I had seen your artwork, and the story wrote itself over the days in my head, but the block I had was still very strong. Finally, tonight, for the first time ever, I sat and wrote one word at a time. There was no flowing, easy writing for me this night. Six hours took to drag each word out and get it typed. But it was all worth it in the end cuz there is now a lightness to me that hasn't been here in a long ass time.

You and your art gave me that. Tomorrow I will try and finish the fairy story that has waited too long to be written.

And someday, when you least expect it there will be a note from me on one of your posts. Of this, I know to be true :D

No, I rarely drink and if I do, 99% of the time I stay away from the internet.

I haven't been able to write or work on any art for months. Unfortunately I don't think I'll be starting up any time soon either.

The last one to use my art stole it and wrote all kinds of BS about me and several others. That wasn't cool and it seems he's back.

So yeah. This was different.

I just noticed you did the beneficiary thing. You didn't have to do that but it is appreciated. Thank you. Good doing business with you.

This year has been the hardest year for me for many reasons. Each thing that happened to me broke me a little bit more. I had more cracks and pieces missing. It was a wonder I got out of bed...Some days it was close.

I have been waging war over here to keep my head above water. A lot of those days I ended up using a straw to still be able to breathe.

Each thing that happened dampened my creativity which took away the things that makes me happy. When I am happy, I can write easily, for the most part. So while this is my 5th year here, I have written less than at any other time. That made me sad. Very sad. This is my happy place, and I need it to be just that.

I was talking to a wise person yesterday. They pointed a few things out to me...Things I knew, but when you hear someone you respect say it all together, you realize a few things.

One is you are letting others control you. Something I will not allow, but I was doing without realizing it. I was letting my joy being taken from me and had given up the fight...cuz I was being lazy? Tired? Who knows, but I was living without the thing that gives me the most joy, and I was not fighting for it. And I am not known for giving up even in the hardest circumstances.

After thinking about it the rest of yesterday, night came, and I started to fill my head with noise so I didn't have to hear my thoughts. But this time I stopped myself knowing if I didn't at least Try, another day would go by or another month, and I would have nothing happy to show for my time spent on this Earth.

And others still winning while I sat and took it.

When I say, I wrote the above post one letter at a time...I mean one letter at a time. I just never gave up, and I ended up with a story I am very proud of.

But when I play a game or learn something new, I am slower than most and have never let that stop me if I want it bad enough. But I was fighting for something that meant more to me than any game. It didn't make sense when it was brought to my attention.

So I fought. Lucky for me, while the battle was painful, it ended well. I had become smarter and had a page of single words that fully told the story to help me along the way.

It's funny how I can stand up for others and what is right, but when it comes to myself...I do not always use the same energy I should in helping myself...

And I think I have rambled on enough...But remember, you are worth fighting for. You made a piece of artwork showing saving the world and all that is good in it.


I hear everything you're saying, loud and clear. I hold my ground. If I'm working here, I want to be entertaining. I've only posted 24 times in the past two years. The mind isn't in the right place. I can't force it or fake it. I find other things to do. I don't mind hanging around looking at posts. And I like my quiet time away. Thinking back to about a year ago, I told you it's healthy. Going with the flow. Staying true to myself. But again, I hear you.

Please keep being you and doing your wonderful, multilayered art. You inspire people. You bring joy and smiles to many when it is needed most.

We are all needed on this Earth to be ourselves. We all teach others when we interact. We are all different because one person can not know everything...but you can know someone who knows what you need to know if you just ask.

Thank you for being YOU!

Good doing business with you.

I just did what was right and fair.

Lovely addition to your tale and kudos to @NoNamesLeftToUse for the art! The ephemeral wisps of blues flowing in his piece are striking.

Funny thing about imagery when combined with words. I can look at Nonameslefttouse's piece and, if I tilt my head a little to the left and drop focus in my gaze, I SEE a stallion.

VERY WELL DONE to you for crafting a piece that accomplishes something you likely didn't intend. 🤗

When the Stallion flew off, if he took all the good, does that mean along with him are the good parts of the Sisters Three? It's sad to picture those epic ladies being left as shadows of themselves after all they did.

Now would I leave the Sisters Three without hope? How can you say such a thing? LOLL

And isn't His artwork the coolest thing ever!!!!! When I saw it and saw the baby and stallion, I knew JUST where they belonged :D

I loved hearing your voice tonight!! I am so happy Fridays are back :D

Love YOU!!

I love reading your story very much. It is so much like a fairytale - it is beautiful.

Thank You!! I hope you are doing well!!

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