Wow… Is this the start of a bull run?

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Evening everyone ….

I just got in my truck and turned on my phone. I had a plethora of notifications and alerts once it came on.

I kinda had a feeling about the gold and silver ones. But this one took me by surprise.

Bitcoin has blown past the 60K level and is hovering between 61K and 62K. I guess the true tell will be over the weekend. For some reason crypto seems to dip over the weekend.


Is this the start of a bull run in crypto?

I’m hoping so.

Metals had a little correction today after a few nice days of big green numbers. Today gold was down almost $30, silver only fell by $.20. Still a plus week for both metals.


Wow, I just heard, thanks for the report @silverd510. Bitcoin is up 446%, year to year.

I expect this surge will pull up the Alt markets up too.

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I hope so i have zero Bitcoin

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