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Afternoon everyone….

Well the alt coins are starting to show some life. In particular the alt coins that I am holding.

While I’m no crypto big shot. I’ve been trying to build my portfolio over the last couple years. I still wouldn’t consider myself knowledgeable in crypto by any means. But I have taken the time to learn and I research things and listen to many podcasts on crypto.

The one token that I am very strongly behind in Chainlink. I think this is going to be a big winner, and for me it already has been. While I don’t own a ton, or even what I would consider a lot. I do have a decent amount and my average cost is just over $7 a token.


I firmly believe that if the alts start running full force this will be a $60-$75 token. I guess only time will tell.

It’s been showing very nice steady climbs.


Do you own any Link?


Is the coin good to hold for Long. Which wallet can we find the coin. I hope is a coin that has the potential to bull more.

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I do, but not a lot.
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🤑 Happy Alt-Coin season!! I like Link mid-long term. It's a good one to hodl. There's some crazy gains being made right now if you snag the right tiny cap coin!

Looking for some whatcha got?

I got into $shib early. It could still do great. $VET is my main hold. ENJ is great. Really, LTC is so greatly under appreciated I can't even say! I'm always loading it up. I do not know ow why LTC isn't at least $3000.00.

Ummm... no.