Bitcoin hits 50K…. Will it last or fall back??? And some shiny of course…

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Afternoon everyone…..

So is this the beginning of one more bull run this year????? Or is this just another tease?

I know Bitcoin touched 52K recently, but was smashed back down almost immediately. It’s been slowly gaining some steam. If it can hold over 50K for several days we might see a breakout. What do you think?


Since 95% of the alt coins fluctuate to the price of Bitcoin, this would be good for all of us on Hive.

I’m kinda hoping for a nice run like we had in May this year. That would be fantastic.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

On a different note. Here is a nice little piece of gold for your viewing pleasure. It’s a 1/10 oz. proof gold kookaburra coin.




Thanks for the report on Bitcoin and for showing the cool 1/20 oz. proof gold kookaburra, @silverd510. Cliff High is calling for $100,000 Bitcoin, by the end of the year, which is less than three months away.

I’m hoping for a nice rise in crypto. Eyeing up some gold…. Very low mintage of just 3500.

Crossing my fingers as the whole Alt Market basically depends on the value of Bitcoin. Cute little gold Kook.

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Me also. I want to use my alt coin like we you did Doge. Got my eyes on some gold

Love that lil’ birdie!

Anyone's guess about BTC... 230K is in play, 30K in play... nice little gold piece!

Yeah I don’t think it will break it’s all time high anytime soon.

Beautiful coin!


Do you have the other years?

Nope it’s my only one. They are crazy expensive because of the low mintage

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