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I had an idea. It is an excellent idea. It is an idea I should do.


It will be hard work to do what I am thinking of. I would like to know if I will come out the victor when I try my best to follow through with this idea.


Time for scary things never happens because they are tricky, and you want to avoid looking like a fool or wasting your time. The question then becomes, when do you grow as a person, artist, writer, or speaker of boring things?

How do you know you are improving if you do not put your learning out in the world? It is sitting in the filing cabinet of your mind under will learn to do one day which is already full of cobwebs. You have given the creatures who like dark, undisturbed places a home for life. I am sure they are thankful but are you?

I love making contests as much as I love doing them, but the problem I see is you have to make a perfect thing for any competition. To make something perfect, you go back to what you already know so well and do that. Hence once again not learning anything new. Just recycling what you already know you are good at.

I read an article years ago that Diana Gabaldon wrote her best-selling book Outlander by accident. She wanted to see if she could write a certain kind of scene in a book. After many tries, she finally accomplished what she had set out to do.

What she wrote is somewhere in the middle of the book Outlander. She went on to write scenes in the same manner, all out of sequence but trying new techniques as she went. Once done, she arranged the book in order and made some changes to the manuscript to make it flow as beautifully as it did.

How true this story is, I do not know, but it hit a cord in me because I never forgot what I had read.

So how do we make something challenging, fun, and okay to do and get ourselves to do it?

This is where my idea comes in... I do not like to be miserable alone. Being bad at something is more fun when you are in a group, all learning for the joy of it and sharing what you are trying to learn.

I would love to get better at building a detailed scene. I want my reader to be transported to where I tell the story. I want to create a space they can feel, smell, and touch.

I want to show the first draft of my scene as I wrote it and the last draft, where I finally said ENOUGH! and stopped.

I will have both drafts in the same post. Each scene will be at least 100 words. I can make it longer, but it would have to be 100 words to get any depth to the scene you are creating.

I want to learn to create a masterpiece painting with words.

If this sounds like something you would like to join in and do, below is the condensed version of what the project should entail.

  1. Write a scene of anything your creative mind wants to write about.

  2. Save your first draft. This will be in your post.

  3. Make as many changes to your first draft until you come up with a scene you are happy with. This will be in your post.

  4. Please post it on Hive under the Hashtag called #createthescene.

  5. Please read a few of the other posts you might find there and leave a comment.

  6. Have your post finished and posted whenever you feel like it.

If there is enough participation, we can work on something else together next week. If not, it's okay too. I only write this post because you only know if others would want to join along if you ask.

Help someone smile today. It can not hurt you.


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Cough... @nickydee...

I was watching a video I had seen before... But dear @jerrytsuseer shared it in The Terminal... and it was just right... timing-wise. With everything we had experienced, shared, and talked about. Perhaps residual energy, dripping from the usual "perfect timing" vibe. Whatever the reason... Here's that video... Keep typing... keep creating...


Tell them... @wesmadeyoudoit


Amazing story. Yeah! Thanks for thinking of me, Wes :D

Sharing a room with my son and sleeping on a mattress on the floor right now.

At the age of almost 52.

But I finally have time. The only thing I ever really craved.

And still have some stuff to share and do before I cave and become a zombie again. Freedom or bust, my friend. 👍

Keep pushing on 💥

One life.

"Fail better."



You are already creating your own scene... time like that with your son... priceless. Soak it all up... collect it, save it... preserve it. Fond memories of similar things with my son. Then he thought he grew up... then he left... I digress.

Today is the last day...


👆👆👆Unless @snook says otherwise... notacontest.

This was just me, you know... being me.


fixed it LOLL

So I woke up thinking about this again. Actually I went to sleep thinking about it too.

You know what this is? This is a good conversation. They're the conversations that carry on inside your head even when they're finished. Good conversations 👍🏼

You know what really strikes me about this person's story?

He doesn't even mention his "disability" in the industry. How difficult it must have been with that and roles available

And the usual fear and judgment that might follow such a thing

He doesn't mention it even once.





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Cool initiative.

It's never to late to learn / do something new!

I'm chilling hard right now!!! I pushed myself a liddle too hard and then hit a wall. :/ Silly of me. But hey... so much to do.

Bit confused.

The post. Is it to have all drafts in different sections i.e. final as post and sections below as drafts? Or are the drafts seen if one just looks at the edits of the post?

This is how I did mine The Scene~

I just showed my first draft and then my last draft.

It was never meant to be a whole story. Just a descriptive scene or any kind of scene that you find difficult to do. Sometimes we look too close or too far away to see the changes we might want to make. Trying this out forces you to look back with new eyes ....

Plus I did find it fun :D

It's not for everyone to want to show the first draft of something, but there too, figured others could learn by seeing how others do not just write and post the first thing they write when it comes to a post.

I think that gets lost sometimes.


and take care and get some much-needed rest!!!

Nice :)

Thanks, Snook. Great concept and keen to participate.

Yes to rest right now (for me anyway... and it's hard to rest, huh?) !!

Will be back for sure ❤️

Just recycling what you already know you are good at.

Stale bread bites. Fresh bread takes some kneeding.

Learning together should be a fundamental aspect of community. Unfortunately it is a busy holiday for us and I don't forsee the likelihood of posting anything for a while.

Describing a scene is a fun challenge. It's a little broad as words are not confined to space or time it could literally any scene the mind sets plausible. Also I wonder how to describe the scene while avoiding passive language. I guess it's more important to just write something. Is there a deadline for this task? Sometimes deadlines motivate me to write something.

Oh I see January 29th. Now it's in the back of my mind.

Yes, Jan. 29, so a week from Monday.

I left the scene opened ended because everyone loves different subjects. :D

I hope you find the time!!

Thanks Snook. I am interested and if I don't have the time then I will just write on the train back to Seoul^^


First off, I must say I like the hashtag already..#createthescene.

This is where my idea comes in... I do not like to be miserable alone

I doubt anyone likes being miserable alone😅

Being bad at something is more fun when you are in a group, all learning for the joy of it and sharing what you are trying to learn.

This idea of yours is a very innovative one. Many people tend to write out their first draft, assume it's not good enough and then go ahead to trash it.

No idea is bad. In fact, every bad idea could be the beginning of something great.✨

Thank You about the hashtag :D

every bad idea could be the beginning of something great.

I so agree!!! it is still scary but how else do we learn?

Thank you again for your wonderful comment!!

This is a fantastic idea.

Of course we learn by taking risks and making mistakes ✨😊

Mayhap needa try this😁

Ohhhhhhh, I REALLY hope you do!!!!!


This looks like a boatload of fun. I've been filling out a number of story ideas myself. I'll definitely get something up.

Oh!! I can not wait to read it......

Tomorrow I should be able to start on mine...I hope :D

Hello lovely lady! 😊

This is a fantastic idea. I've always wanted to write, but never thought anything I wrote was decent enough to share. This might be my chance to try again, if I don't get distracted and completely forget to do it...that happens some days, as you well know. Thanks chronic pain, the gift that keeps on giving, even when you don't want it anymore. LOL! 😊

I bet you get a few good ones under that tag. 😊

God bless you and your wonderful family. Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! 😊

Oh I so hope you write!! It doesn't have to be perfect. That is the whole point!! We are learning together :D

I am worried about how mine will come out, and part of me wishes I did not post this LOLL, but that IS why I did post it, so I have to at least try it!! :D


And sending confidant writing vibes your way!!

I have started writing something, not sure if I like it though, might have to try again...still mulling it over. LOL! 😊

Yours will be funny and fabulous, just like you! 😊

HUGE HUGS back to you!! 𞭾

Thanks, I can definitely use some!

Do not over think your writing.

I never thought my writing was good enough until someone yelled at me :D

We all have to start somewhere..

Good advice, hard to take, but good to hear. 😊

Who yelled at you? What did they yell at you? Did you yell back? LOL! 😊

That is so true...okay, I'll give it a go, not making any promises about the final product though. 😊

This has nothing to do with this post, but I wanted to let you know I did post a picture of my "interesting" hair below a previous post of yours where we were discussing that. I am getting the hang of my new computer! Yay!

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa On the new computer!!!!

and very cool on the photo I saw!! You look very cool and your daughter did a great Job!!!

This happens to me a lot when I'm going to make a post. In my case, they are photographs. It happens to me that in a folder with 23 photos I end up uploading only 8 or 9, which in my opinion were the best and that fit the direction I want to give. to the post, usually the idea ends differently than the one I had at the beginning, many times more complete

I totally agree with that!! That same thing happened to me writing this post. I thought I had all the photos ready, and I still had to go out looking for more! LOLLL

I love it 🥰

Thank you!

Hi @snook

I love this idea, it's a great creative exercise, and I've done something similar in the past, but where you save your first draft and final draft, and then rewrite the whole thing considering both the start and finish of the process.

I only did this as a personal challenge, and aid to improving parts of my WIP. Often there are certain parts/elements of the first draft that have more immediacy than a redrafted scene, and when you go back and look at that 1st draft, finding those gems can improve the whole.

I'm going to give your challenge a try tomorrow 👍🙂

Hmnnn... now to dream up a scene while sleeping tonight 😂

I can not wait to read what you come up with :D

It looks like I'm first out of the gate on responses.

I had a lot of fun writing this post... Create the Scene (Challenge by @Snook) - The Eternal Flight 😁

I hope you get a few more entries snook. I'll keep an eye on the tag so i can read any incoming 👍📖👀

Thank you for playing along!!

I have had a heck of a few days after I wrote this post so I have not been able to do much of anything!! With you being the first it will help get the word out more :D

Plus you wrote a beautiful scene!!

I have had a heck of a few days after I wrote this post

I hope it was nothing too bad. I've had an arse of a week myself. Found black mould growing behind my bookcase and a bunch of other stresses have caused me to get a trapped nerve in my neck... it is enough to make drive you to drink 😂 which I'm going to go do now 🍻

I look forward to seeing more posts in response to this great challenge 🙂

This sounds like a great challenge. Sharing and if I can, I#ll join in!

I SO hope you find the time!! You know I love your writing and this is not a full story and is meant to have fun with.


🫂 🤗 nice to see you again! I'll see what can come of it.

Not sure if I'll get this done but it's a fun idea to consider. Will enjoy reading the posts.